Oculus Rift S Rental

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We now offer the most advanced PC-powered VR gaming system, Oculus Rift S rentals, to professionals in the gaming and Esports industry.

*Please Note: The Oculus Rift S requires a Gaming PC or laptop.  Please check out our gaming PC and gaming laptop pages.

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Are you ready to take your gaming event to the next level? We now offer the most advanced PC-powered VR gaming system, Oculus Rift S rentals, to professionals in the gaming and Esports industry. This new, PC-connected version of the Rift has self-contained tracking, higher resolution display and a new design. When you want your participants to be transported to a whole new world or step into the game, renting Oculus Rift S headsets is a perfect choice.

Of course, having the recommended hardware specs for your computer is necessary to show off the true potential of high-performance VR gameplay. If you don’t have VR-ready computers to power the Oculus Rift S, Hartford Technology Rental can rent the virtual reality headsets with gaming computers to guarantee top performance for an immersive, gaming experience.

Find out if renting the Rift S headset with its new, advanced features is right for your upcoming event or project.

Features on Oculus Rift S Rental

Redesigned Headband

The halo headset is ergonomically designed for comfort. The headband features a plastic curved mold (padded with cushioning) where the forehead and base of the skull are. There is a Velcro strap for positioning the headset which can be tightened by a dial on the back headrest. The Oculus Rift S stays securely and comfortably in place during play.

By eliminating external motion tracking sensors, the Rift S has five cameras around the headset that incorporates new Insight tracking system which is a far more efficient way of tracking a player and easing the set-up process for your gaming event or in-house training session.

Better Optics

With Oculus Rift S rentals, you get a sharper LCD display that delivers bright, vivid colors and next-generation lenses that are less reflective than lenses previously used. The Rift S has a higher resolution (about 50% better) than the previous model, offering 1280 x 1440 pixels per eye.

Safe Play Space

With Passthrough Plus, participants can paint room boundaries with VR Headset Oculus rental on. The outside world can be seen through the cameras in black and white, while 3D grid-like boundaries can be drawn onto the space around players. If participants need to check what’s going on in the real world but don’t want to take off their headset, they just poke their head through the VR boundary and are presented with the real world. It’s useful and intelligent.

Oculus Touch Controllers

When you rent the Oculus Rift S, you get the Oculus Touch controllers that have vibration, analog control sticks, buttons and dual triggers. The light, battery-operated controllers recognize when fingers are on or off the buttons. This allows users’ slashes, throws and grabs to appear in VR with intuitive, realistic precision.

Built-in Audio

With an Oculus Rift S rental, you know that the headset has positional audio built directly into it, so your gaming participants can hear teammates, or hear what’s sneaking up behind them. This truly offers them an immersive experience.

Ways to Use Oculus Rift S Rentals

Virtual reality has finally drawn interest from various industries and business professionals. Not just for gaming professionals, many see its benefits of improved productivity, enhanced visualization and new possibilities for advertising. Here are just some ways renting Oculus Rift S can enhance your business:

  • Walmart is using VR to train more than one million workers. They have more than 45 VR training models to assist their workforce with technology adoption, soft skills and compliance.
  • Architectural firms use Oculus Rift headsets for visualization and design so architects can see what their building will look like.
  • Real Estate agencies can show prospective clients residential homes for sale or commercial buildings for lease.
  • Gaming and entertainment companies can create virtual worlds promoting their new products from games to movies.

Why Rent from Hartford?

There are many companies offering virtual reality rentals but no one has the experience like we do. Some of the reasons to partner with us:

  • First in the country to offer VR rentals (including all the Oculus models)
  • Largest virtual reality inventory nationwide
  • Everything you need in a complete kit including professional onsite technicians
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Best VR pricing guarantee
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Rentals available

When you are looking for Oculus Rift S or Oculus Rift rentals near you, look no further than Hartford Technology Rental. With distribution centers in Chicago, Washington DC, New York and Los Angeles, we have the rental inventory to make sure that you get the right gaming computer to work with your PC-powered VR gaming headset to create a completely immersive experience. Call us today at 888-520-5667 to chat with our Sales team to learn more about our rental products and services.