HTC Vive Pro Rental

HTC VIVE Pro Rental offers the experience of room-scale game play with the ability to walk around virtual landscapes. Wire HTC VIVE VR headset rentals to a high-end gaming PC for a fully immersive experience.

*Please Note: The Vive Pro requires a Gaming PC or laptop.  Please check out our gaming PC and gaming laptop pages.

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When your gaming event demands professional-grade VR headsets, look no further than the latest from HTC, the VIVE Pro. Our HTC VIVE rental offers best-in-class technology, unparalleled visuals, updated exterior design, and improved fit. And, Hartford Technology Rental now rents the VIVE Pro VR headset along with the HTC VIVE giving planners more options to create room-scale gameplay at events.

The display on the VIVE Pro VR headset rental is Dual AMOLED with 2,880 x 1,600 resolution (615 ppi); this is a 78% higher resolution than the original HTC VIVE rental. The result is better visuals with super-rich colors and sharpness to details that bring objects to life.

Of course, a fully immersive experience is only possible when you wire the HTC VIVE headset rental to a high-end gaming PC. This powerful combination leads to a higher fidelity experience with better graphics and better physics. Don’t have enough gaming computers? Luckily, we rent gaming PCs at competitive rates with flexible rental periods. Hartford Technology Rental can be your one-stop shop for HTC VIVE rental headsets and gaming PCs!

Not exactly sure what you need? Then contact us at 888-520-5667 to speak to our Sales team. They know the ins and outs of the virtual world and will offer you guidance on selecting the right virtual reality headset for your event or business.

HTC VIVE Pro VR headset rental features a firmer head strap that can be adjusted by a rear dial while the VIVE uses Velcro straps. This enhancement offers improved comfort when wearing the headset. In addition, the VIVE Pro rental has adjustable, built-in headphones that sit directly on top of the ears. The headphones feature volume controls making it easier for gaming participants to adjust the volume without having to take off the headset.

When you rent an HTC VIVE or VIVE Pro VR headset, you can offer participants a magnificent trek into imaginary virtual spaces. In fact, participants are not just seeing a different world but will be transported there. HTC VIVE rental headsets allow participants to truly walk around virtual landscapes, peering under and around objects. If you plan on hosting a large-sized interactive event, the VIVE Pro rental offers a larger-scale tracked area (33′ x 33′) versus the HTC VIVE at 15′ x 15′.