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If you’re asking the question “Where can I get a copy machine rental near me?” and you’re in St. Louis, the answer is Hartford Technology Rental – we are as close as your cell phone.

If you’re looking for a company that can provide; quality equipment, technical support that answers the phone, onsite spare consumables and rates that won’t break the bank, you’ve come to the right place. Hartford carries a wide range of copiers from a small desktop copier to a full-size, well-equipped, high-speed, copier by Konica Minolta in either b/w or color.

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Copy Machine Rental Lineup

We carry a full line of copy machine rentals in St. Louis that are expertly maintained, well-packed and delivered on a specialized hand truck to ensure the copier is delivered and ready for printing. We carry top brands such as Brother, HP and Konica Minolta in both b/w and color models. Our full-size copiers include numerous features such as large capacity trays, staple, hole-punch, saddle stitching and booklet making.

The Hartford difference

There are lots of vendors to choose from so why get copy machine rentals in St. Louis from Hartford?

We actually provide inventory that is located in the city and not some faraway place half way across the country.  Why does that matter?  Since copiers don’t ship, if you’re dealing with an out of town vendor there’s a high probability they are renting a copier from another vendor, marking it up and renting it to you.  Not only does this cost you more but now, you’ve got a middleman to deal with when you need service.  For short-term events, this can be a real problem.  Renting copiers in St. Louis from a local vendor is always the best choice.

With our local inventory, we understand pressures customers face working in St. Louis.  Combine that with the nature of short-term events and projects and you’ll find there’s a lot of pressure to perform.  On top of that you have a budget to consider.  We want to help take some of that pressure off you and help you stay within your budget.  

We’re all about service

  • Technical sales reps
  • Expertly maintained equipment
  • Networking expertise
  • We’re available 24/7

Benefits of renting copy machines in St. Louis from Hartford

  • Best Daily/Weekly/Monthly copy machine rental prices in St. Louis
  • Spare consumables left onsite
  • Key operator training at time of delivery
  • Competitive cost-per-copy rates

As our tag line says “Not Just Equipment”.  While we love technology it’s the really a service that we’re selling.  You and your event are important to us.  We don’t see ourselves as a vendor but a partner with a vested interest in making sure the event we’re working on with you is a successful one.  Over 96% of our business comes from repeat customers.

When you need to rent a copier in St. Louis, Missouri and you want the delivery/setup/pickup to go smooth, the equipment to be top notch and the support to be 24/7, that’s when you want to call us. We are the premier company for copier rentals in St. Louis.  Give us a call today at 888-520-5667 and find out for yourself why we’re “Not Just Equipment”.

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