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If you’re asking the question “Where can I get a video camera rental near me?” and you’re in Orlando, the answer is Hartford Technology Rental – a premier technology rental company with distribution centers that gives us the ability to service technology entrepreneurs, corporate clients, entertainment specialists, marketing professionals, advertising agencies and event planners. With so many companies doing business in Orlando, there are numerous opportunities to market your product and services. Have you thought about wanting to stream live events or creating cutting-edge content for a 360 degree presentation? To get started, you need a video camera. Don’t have one? Hartford Technology Rental has you covered with a wide array of unique 4K UHD and 360 camera rentals in Orlando. From our distribution center, we can deliver or ship direct to your location. We service downtown and the entire city, including many of the area hotels and resorts.

Not exactly sure what you need? Give our office a call today at 888-520-5667. We carry a wide array of equipment rentals and services.

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Video Camera Rental Lineup

Our office carries a growing list of professional 4K UHD and 360 VR camera rentals in Orlando from name-brand manufacturers such as GoPro, Insta, Kodak, Nokia, Panasonic and Orah. Our video camera inventory is expertly maintained by trained technicians to ensure everything is complete and in working order. Need help in choosing the right video camera to rent? We can help and we’re available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. Also if you’re new to capturing 360 content and you want to keep it simple, let us handle the stitching.

Once you choose a video camera, you may also need some extras like more batteries, tripods or if you’ll be shooting 360 video something to preview your production.  We also rent virtual reality headsets, certified-gaming computers and laptops as well.  Our office has everything you’ll need to make choosing Hartford your one stop shop for your next video production and at unbeatable prices.  Can’t find what you need?  Simply add what you’re looking for in the comments section of our quick quote form.


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The Hartford difference

There are lots of vendors to choose from so why rent video cameras in Orlando from Hartford?

Our offices are conveniently located around and are never. Why does that matter?  Well if you’ve got a scheduled production, you want to make sure that your 4K camera arrives on time.  Renting cameras in Orlando is always more reliable, and Hartford is always your best choice.

With an office in the Orlando, Florida area, we understand pressures customers face working in a busy city.  Combine that with the nature of scheduled productions and you’ll find there’s a lot of pressure to perform.  On top of that you have a budget to consider.  We want to help take some of that pressure off you and help you stay within your budget.

We’re all about service

  • Technical sales reps
  • Fully tested and prepped cameras
  • We know video cameras
  • We’re available 24/7

Benefits of renting video cameras in Orlando from Hartford

  • Best Daily/Weekly/Monthly video camera rental prices in Orlando
  • Stitching services available
  • Full line of complimentary products
  • Same day delivery in most cases

As our tag line says “Not Just Equipment”.  While we love technology it’s the really a service that we’re selling.  You and your event are important to us.  We don’t see ourselves as a vendor but a partner with a vested interest in making sure the event we’re working on with you is a successful one.  Over 96% of our business comes from repeat customers.

When you are ready to discuss video camera rentals in Orlando, call us at 888-520-5667 to learn more or schedule a visit to our office. We can help you determine which video camera rental in Orlando is right for you. Our techs and sales people are very knowledgeable and can quickly help you select the best video camera that does everything you need at the price that can’t be beat.

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