Litigation Support

Litigation Support - Hartford Technology Rental

When complex litigation requires every advantage, let Hartford’s litigation support technology rentals give your organization the edge. The right technology might just tip the scales in your favor. We are experienced in rapidly deploying equipment rental solutions for many stages of the litigation process including document review rentals, war room rentals and trial presentation technology rentals.

After supporting legal rental solutions for as long as we have, we are confident no one knows the business better. If you think your current provider is good, just wait until you see what we can do for you!

Not only are we quick, we provide industry-proven, state-of-the-art technology backed by an experienced sales and technical staff on call 24/7.

No matter where your case takes you, we provide litigation support rentals nationwide. Do you have an upcoming case? Call us today at 888-520-5667 or online and our technical sales representatives will help you select the right equipment that meets your needs.

Litigation Solutions

War Room Rental War Room Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

When you need an office away from home…immediately. Let Hartford be your one stop solution by handling all of your technology rental needs.

Legal Staffing Rental Legal Staffing Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

It’s Friday at 4:45 PM and your client just called and said they need people, space and technology for a large project that has to commence on Monday at 8:00 AM. Can you handle it? You can if you use Hartford.

Courtroom Rental Courtroom Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

Can you make your case? Hartford’s courtroom rental solutions take advantage of the latest in technology to ensure your evidence is presented in an optimal manner.