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Phone rentals are a great solution for numerous short-term needs such as meetings, events and data collection. Many of our customers rent iPhones for app demonstrations, check-ins, payment processing and various other uses. Our smartphone rental inventory continues to expand and includes the iPhone X, 12, 14 and the iPhone 15.

All iPhone rentals include a case, fresh iOS installed, activated and ready to go. We also offer worldwide service plans so we’ve got you covered no matter where your event takes you.

One thing though; we only rent to businesses.

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iPhone Rental Specialists

Speaking of business, are you looking for a better, more cost-effective smartphone plan for your business? Our iPhone Rental Program offers business customers a flexible solution in outfitting their staff with smartphones with no initial down payment charge for the phones.

We’ve worked with the main carriers for years and we understand the frustration and confusion businesses can run into when trying to manage their smartphone fleet. With our iPhone Rental Program, your worries are over. We’ve taken the world’s most popular smartphone on the nation’s best carrier and combined it with our award-winning customer service and comprehensive coverage and created an iPhone rental program that currently isn’t offered in the marketplace.

Interested in renting an Apple iPhone or want to learn about our bulk iPhone rental discounts? That’s right we can fill orders in the hundreds. Contact us online or call 888-520-5667 to speak to our experienced Sales team.