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We’re one of the first companies to help people rent iPad Pros and with event iPad rentals. We’ve added a large quantity of Apple’s largest iPad to date to our portfolio. More than just a larger iPad, underneath Apple’s iPad Pro 12.9” and iPad Pro 9.7” ultra-high resolution display houses a new A9X processor that doubles memory bandwidth and doubled storage performance. This processor is 1.8X faster than the previous generation and for the first time, there’s a four-speaker audio system on the iPad Pro. With all these performance enhancements, the iPad Pro still offers 10 hours of battery life making it a perfect device for business professionals.

The larger screen allows for new multitasking additions like running two full-sized applications side-by-side on the screen. Plus, the 12.9” iPad Pro has the highest resolution of any iOS device while the 9.7” iPad Pro screen is the brightest and least reflective of all tablets, and offers wide color and true tone display.

In addition, the iPad Pro has the Smart Keyboard with its smart connector that can connect magnetically to the iPad Pro which in turn automatically detects the keyboard. There’s also a new stylus – the Apple Pencil – that has sensors built into the tip for optimal precision. The accuracy and capabilities of the Apple Pencil is must have for designers and engineers alike.

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