Rent Intel Compute Stick

Rent Intel Compute Stick

The Compute Stick is a very small computer in the form of a large thumb drive. The stick computing device has a quad-core processor, RAM and storage that is typical of specs found on a tablet rental or smartphone. There is one difference – Windows 8.1 is installed.

Plug the Compute Stick rental into a HDMI display, connect a wireless keyboard and mouse, and you are now ready to work, stream media or play games on a fully functional computer. The built-in Wi-Fi and storage allows business professionals to be productive immediately.

Stick Computing Device Rental Uses

The innovative design of the Compute Stick enables you to transform any monitor or TV into a powerful PC that delivers full-size performance, reliability and ease of use. There are many possibilities where the stick computing device rental would be ideal in the workplace:

Hartford Technology Offers Compute Stick Rental

The next time you need the same operating system, wireless connectivity and high quality graphics as a full-sized computer but in a different size, rent the Compute Stick from Hartford Technology Rentals. Call us at 888-520-5667 to learn how to use the stick computing device for presentations to digital signage.

Intel Compute Stick Specifications

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