iPad Rental for Trade Show Exhibitors

iPad Rental for Trade Show Exhibitors - Hartford Technology Rental

Hartford provides iPad rentals that are a proven solution for your trade show exhibit sales force and we deliver nationwide. iPads offer you a great way to handle many of the tasks your sales force on the show floor has to handle. Be sure to check out our iPad accessories to compliment your iPad order.

Sales Presentations

iPads are excellent for conducting one-one sales presentations with attendees at your booth or anywhere else. When you rent iPads from us, we’ll be glad to load your product videos and presentation materials. Then watch what happens in those one-on-one meetings.

Lead Retrieval

A lot of our clients rent iPads as a great option for lead retrieval. One of the best lead retrieval Apps on the market today is iLeads from Bartizan. By using iLeads, your exhibitors can:

Additional Benefits

Make your mobile sales force on the show floor even more mobile with an iPad. An iPad loaded with a lead retrieval App and product videos, Internet access and a battery than can go all day, in a 1.5lb package gives your sales force everything they need to close the deal.

Want to learn more? Contact us today at 888-520-5667 or online and learn how iPads can empower your sales force to take maximum advantage of your next trade show exhibit.