Digital Presenter Rental

Digital Presenter Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

Hartford can help you bring interactivity to your next presentation when you rent a Elmo Document Camera. The Elmo Document Camera is an interactive digital presenter that has a live display, which enables it to capture live images at up to 30fps. It also allows you to zoom in on still images with detail that will leave a lasting impression. Elmo Document Camera rentals are a great option for courtroom setups. Our Elmo rentals also come with all necessary cabling, so you don’t have to worry about setup. Here's our most popular model.

Elmo P30S Document Camera Rental

Elmo P30S Document Camera Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

The P30Sprovides crystal-clear resolution of both moving and still images. It has a 30 frame per second full-motion video camera mounted on a free-angle camera arm. The P30S is works effectively without a PC, thanks to its SD memory card-ready feature.

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