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For large training events, legal staffing projects or other projects where the need for large quantities of workstations are required, we'd like to show you a new solution for managing your software. Hartford offers an On-Demand Desktop Streaming rental solution that seamlessly streams the operating system and applications to diskless physical desktops. With On-Demand Desktop Streaming, customers will be able to centrally manage their desktops with the speed of local execution.

Citrix Service ProviderCitrix Service Provider

As an authorized Citrix Service Provider, Hartford uses Citrix Provisioning Services for Desktops to deliver a single, standard desktop image that includes operating system and applications-–on demand to physical desktops from a network service. The shared desktop image is configured, delivered and managed centrally, reducing total costs, increasing security and flexibility and enabling an un-compromised user experience.

How It Works

Hartford provides a stand alone streaming server rental (or more than one in a High Availability configuration) and then combines it with Citrix server software. With that match up you now have your own streaming server. We then provide the appropriate quantity of client desktop rentals or laptop rentals to complete a centralized software management system. We can even connect your own desktop systems for an enterprise-wide solution.

Our technical staff will host your master software package and can easily implement customized user access to enable website restrictions, for example. Once you're up and running, additional applications or operating systems can easily be added. The result: Your software is updated and maintained on central servers while it runs on your end users' local desktops. The hassle of managing locally installed programs on individual desktops is over. And your users won't even notice a difference.

We can provide everything you need from server rentals, desktop or laptop rentals and the technical support to ensure a smooth transition. On-Demand Desktop Streaming allows you to centrally manage software with the speed of local execution. Consider these benefits:

Why Choose Hartford?

Not only does Hartford have the experience to deploy an On-Demand Desktop Streaming rental solution, we can provide customers all of the software and hardware at very competitive rental rates with no long-term contracts to sign. With the high costs of software and hardware (not to mention the technical expertise required) to deploy an On-Demand Desktop solution, renting for short-term projects makes perfect sense. Ask yourself:

If you answered yes to any of these questions, our On-Demand Desktop Streaming rental solution could be just the service you're looking for. With our rental solution, there is no large upfront investment to make. You only pay for the time you require the service.

Interested in learning more? Our technical sales representatives would welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs in depth and share with you some ideas on how our On-Demand Desktop Streaming Rental Solution can benefit your next project. We can even arrange a live demo at your convenience. Contact us today at 888-520-5667 or contact us online.