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In today’s business environment, much emphasis is focused on data security.  And while the protection of your company’s resources is of tantamount importance, it is also important to remember that you also need to keep you printed materials secure.

So what do you do when you have a mountain of printed documents sitting in a corner closet of your office that are old, but still sensitive?  The answer is simple…you call Hartford Technology Rentals and rent a shredder in Chicago.

When you call Hartford Technology Rentals you will speak with one of our highly trained sales specialists who understand completely the importance of protecting your company’s printed assets.  We will help you arrange for a Chicago Shredder Rental that will help you safely, quickly and efficiently destroy your old documents that are too valuable just to toss in a recycling bin before being shredded.

And Hartford Technology Rentals only carries the finest business shredder, the DestroyIt 4002 Crosscut Shredder.  Why would you care what model of shredder rental we offer?  The answer is simple…security.  A crosscut shredder cuts your documents in to tiny pieces instead of long strips.  In other words, once you shred your documents you can rest assured that they are destroyed forever.

Please give us a call at 888-520-5667 and arrange for the professional delivery of one of our shredders.  Out techs will drop it off, install it where you need it to be located, demonstrate the proper usage and even bring along your first few bags so you can get shredding right away!

Destroyit 4002 Cross-Cut Paper Shredder Rental
Destroyit 4002 Cross-Cut Paper Shredder RentalThe Destroyit 4002 cross cut paper shredder rental is an incredible business shredder for both small and big offices. This cross cut model handles up to 26 sheets of paper at a time, shredding at a speed of 25 feet per minute. With a quality shredder head that is capable of tearing through stapled and paper clipped sheets, credit cards, and CDs, the Destroyit 4002 cross cut has robust shredding versatility.




Destroyit 4002 Shredder Specifications

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Destroyit 2503 Shredder Rental
Destroyit 2503 Shredder RentalThe Destroyit 2503 is perfect for offices with low-volume shredding needs that still desire a durable shredder with innovative features. The 2503 Cross Cut level 3 provides NSA-approved shredding of documents with personally identifiable information, turning your sensitive papers into unrecoverable 3/16"x 1 ½" bits at a rate of 24 feet/minute. This fast shredding speed is accompanied by an impressive sheet capacity for so small a machine – 12 to 14 pieces of paper can be fed at once!




Destroyit 2503 Shredder Specifications

General: Destroyit 2503

General Features:

If it’s time to get rid of those old documents please call us at 888-520-5667 or fill out the rental request form and one of our shredder specialists will help you select the right tool for the job.