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One of the simplest and most impactful ways of presenting your message during a meeting or event in Chicago is to rent a projector from Hartford Technology Rental. There is a certain drama to sitting in a dark room illuminated by the bright force of a compelling message. When you want to make that big splash with a Chicago projector rental, we have everything that you need.

Whether you are presenting in a small room and using a 3,000 lumen projector to a huge venue requiring a 20,000 lumen projector, Hartford Technology Rental will help your presentation jump off the screen. And since brighter is better, we stand ready to help.

When you call our expert sales team, we will ask you things like room dimension, ambient lighting considerations, lens throw distances and front or rear projection. In other words, we want to make sure that we understand your needs and the environment you will be presenting in so we can provide you with the perfect projector rental in Chicago.

Then, once our technicians deliver your projector, we will set it up and make sure that it is working properly and connected to your output source for testing purposes. Finally, we will make sure that you fully understand the operation of the rental projector so there are no surprises when it comes time to present. Last but not least, we will tape all of the cables down securely to the floor to make sure that there is an extra level of security for your attendees.

Our massive projector rental inventory is ready and waiting to meet all of your presentation needs. Just think how much more effective your message will be when it is presented with an awe inspiring projector from Hartford Technology Rental.

To get started, please give us a call at 888-520-5667.

Learn more about our laser projector rental lineup.

Optoma 4K Laser Projector Rental Optoma 4K Laser Projector Rental

Great for meeting rooms, this projector offers an ultra-short throw laser technology producing a 100” full HD 1080p image from only 13 inches away! No more blocking the aisle.

Optoma 8K Laser Projector Rental Optoma 8K Laser Projector Rental

Designed for large meeting rooms, the laser phosphor light source delivers vibrant colors and more consistent brightness at 1080p for stunning quality images. Multiple lens options available

Panasonic 12K Laser Projector Rental Panasonic 12K Laser Projector Rental

Delivering 12,000 lumens in a very compact and lightweight body that offers flexible installation options. Great for auditoriums and museums. Multiple lens options available.