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Chicago Monitor Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

When you think of a presentation or a meeting or event, do you realize that the monitor that you use for presenting can be a huge influence on the over success of the message you are conveying?  And when you need to rent a monitor in Chicago, Hartford Technology Rentals has everything that you could possibly need to convey your message professionally and successfully.

Chicago monitor rentals from Hartford Technology Rental are your first line in an amazing event.  From a small 19” LCD or LED monitor, to a state of the art video wall, and everything in between, we’ve got what you need.  To go along with your monitor rental, we have all of the important extras like distribution amplifiers, table stands, dual post stands and enough cables to cover every possibility.

Monitor technology is rapidly changing, which is why renting a monitor makes the most sense.  Who can afford to buy a new monitor every time there is an increase in size or better resolution or touchscreen capabilities?  That’s why you need a partner like Hartford Technology Rentals.

We stock a wide array of the latest 4K monitors and can deliver and install them anywhere in the Chicagoland area.  Or, if you prefer that latest touchscreen technology, we also have a stunning 70” just waiting for you to rent.  In addition, we also carry thousands of desktop size monitors to help make your classroom session or legal review comfortable and successful.

Please give us a call at 888-520-5667 the next time you need to rent a monitor in Chicago.

Display Technology Available

Thunderbolt Display Rental Thunderbolt Display Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

Compliment your Mac Pro rental with a Thunderbolt display rental. The no-compromise Thunderbolt display is the perfect monitor for when you need more room to work.

LCD Monitor Rental Computer LCD Monitor Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

Hartford carries LCD monitors in a variety of sizes from 17” to 26” and from leading industry manufacturers such as Apple, Dell, HP and Lenovo. Are you hosting a large event and need a large quantity of the same model and size? We carry hundreds of the same size and model monitors for rent to ensure consistency and professionalism at your event.

Gaming Monitor Rental Gaming Monitor Rental

Want to intensify your content with full HD 3D imagery that leaps to life? Consider renting a gaming monitor. The short response time and ultra-fast refresh rates will deliver ultra-smooth motion scenes that will captivate and immerse your audience. This is a great choice to pair with our gaming PCs.

4K Monitor Rental 4K Monitor Rental

Help upgrade your business displays and presentations from high definition to ultra-high definition with our 4K monitor rental options from Samsung.

Large Screen Monitor Rental Large Screen Monitor Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

Are you exhibiting at a trade show or do you have a meeting where a standard size monitor isn’t big enough? If so, consider a large screen monitor rental with sizes from 32” all the way up to 103”. Get your message noticed on these monitors and stand out from the crowd!

Touch Screen Rental Touch Screen Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

With touchscreen smart phones and tablets, event planners and business professionals are finding large touch screen monitor displays useful in their trade show exhibit booths and demonstration meetings. Hartford Technology rents touch screen monitors sized from 19” to 70”.

Microsoft Surface Hub Rental Microsoft Surface Hub Rental | Hartford Technology Rental

Microsoft’s Gen 2 Surface Hub Rental takes your meetings to a whole new level. The vivid, 4K smart display re-invents team meetings and collaboration projects by offering a more interactive experience for everyone involved whether you are in the room or another office location.