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Chicago Computer Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

Computer rental in Chicago is quick and easy when you partner with Hartford Technology Rental. No matter what type of meeting, event or training session you are conducting, it goes without saying that you will need computers and lots of them. Renting computers is the most cost-effective solution and we are ready to help you!

Suppose you are holding your annual meeting at McCormick Place, one of the largest convention centers in America, wouldn’t it make sense to use a local rental partner who has the inventory, technical staff and facility expertise to help make your event even better?  Whether it’s a couple of laptops for a registration area or hundreds of computer rentals for classroom-type settings, Hartford Technology Rental has exactly what you need.  From very low end to the fastest, most fully loaded rental computer available, our world class inventory consists of nothing but the best in name-brand computers like Lenovo, HP and Apple.

When you call Hartford Technology Rental at 888-520-5667 for a computer rental in Chicago, you can get all of your computers fully loaded prior to delivery.  Need something special like Microsoft Office or a custom image loaded in advance?  Not a problem!  Every computer will be ready to go, out of the box.  Need everything to be setup, installed and even networked?  We’ve got you completely covered.  Our expert technical staff will take care of all of your computer rental needs during set-up and delivery; of course, if you need technical assistance during your event, we also offer 24/7 tech support. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today!

Computer Rental Lineup

Gaming PC Rental Gaming PC Rental | Hartford Technology Rental

Is it time to take your product launch or R & D department into the immersive world of virtual reality? Gaming PC rental with its cutting-edge specs gives users the ability to handle the most demanding tasks.

All-in-One Computer Rental All-in-One Computer Rental - Lenovo A740 Touch

When your business needs all the functionality of a desktop but the convenience of an all-in-one system, the 27” Lenovo A740 All-in-One PC is ideally suited for your computing needs.

Microsoft Surface Studio Rental Microsoft Surface Studio Rental

The Surface Studio by Microsoft is now available to rent from Hartford Technology Rental. This all-in-one Windows PC offers fast performance, a super-thin display with incredible image quality that is mounted on smooth hinges to fold down to an artist-friendly angle.

Essential Computer Rental Essential Computer Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

Our essential desktop models offer great performance at competitive rates. These units are well-suited to handle general computing needs such as MS-Office applications, web browsing and more. With over 900 same model essential computers for rent, they make a great choice for large training programs and events.

Mid Range Computer Rental Mid Range Computer Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

Our middle of the road computer rentals are perfect for those times when you need a little more horsepower than a standard desktop. These models are equipped with Intel mid-range processors, beefed up RAM and ample storage.

Mac Pro Rental Mac Computer Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

When your desktop computing needs require an Apple Mac Pro rental, count on Hartford to deliver. We carry the latest MacPro desktop (which actually performs more like a server) and can customize it to meet your specifications.

iMac Rental iMac Rental

Take the power of a desktop, merge it with the ultra-thin design of an iPad, and there you have the iMac. We carry the newest iMac rental that is simply stunning to look at, and has the latest generation of Intel processors and faster graphics.

iMac Pro Rental Rent iMac Pro | HTR

The iMac Pro is a convergence of the design of an iMac and the power of a MacPro. Our iMac Pro rental rates can’t be beat. We guarantee it. From 8 core models all the way up to 18 cores, choice of 32GB, 64GB and 128GB and either 8GB or 16GB graphics we’ve got what you need.