Charging Station Rental Chicago

Charging Station Rental Chicago | HTR

In today’s highly connected, fast-paced world of instant access to information, no one can afford to have their cell phone or tablet run out of a charge.  What’s the solution?  Consider offering charging station rentals in Chicago.

Cell phone charging station rentals in Chicago could not be easier! Our kiosk features a six chambered secure solution that allows each user to safely lock up their phone or tablet while it is being charged and come back later to a fully charged device.

In addition, these charging station rentals can be mounted in 3 ways:

  • Tablet Top Stand is perfect if you have limited space in your trade show booth
  • Floor Stand offers single or dual sided panels, making it perfect for branded message
  • Wall Mount if your event is looking for a way to promote upcoming breakout sessions, special event activities, etc. 

Plus our technicians are available to deliver, set-up and make sure the units are working properly.

But here’s the best part.  At Hartford Technology Rental, our charging station rental is fully customizable and lets the end user display advertising on both the touch screen and if desired, on the surrounding center panel.  In other words, you can rent a cell phone charging station to use in Chicago and have advertising pay for the entire rental, all while supplying booth visitors or event traffic a way to securely charge their devices without having to wait around or find a wall outlet.

Everybody needs to charge their cell phone.  Everybody needs to charge their tablet. Now you can drive attendance to your trade show booth by getting a cell phone charging station rental in Chicago.

To get started, simply call Hartford Technology Rental at 888-520-5667 or fill out the quote form and one of our highly experienced sales reps will help you customize your charging station rental and get it delivered to the right venue at the right time to make your meeting all that it can be.