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From our 40,000 square foot warehouse and configuration lab located close to O'Hare Airport, we serve a varied customer base from the Midwest to the West Coast. Using our large inventory of iPad, computer, laptop, and AV equipment rentals, our skilled and creative staff knows how to take the worry out of whatever event, meeting, training session, or consulting engagement our customers are involved in. We'll minimize the hassles, anticipate the problems and cope with all the details of set-up, staging and take-down so you don't have to. And after thirty years of doing this, we've seen most of the curve balls that venues and events can throw at you.

Best of all, as is the case in all of our offices, our staff really cares that your project goes smoothly. No surprises, no delays, no . . .curve balls. We promise.

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Short Term Computer Rental in Chicago

  • Trade Shows
  • Conventions
  • Conferences
  • Training Sessions
  • Seminars
  • Sales Events
  • New Product Introductions
  • Litigation Matters
  • Research Projects
  • Consulting Assignments

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Chicago Technology Rentals

Chicago Audio Visual Rental Chicago Audio Visual Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

When you have a meeting or event scheduled for one of the hotels or convention centers in the Chicagoland area, you are definitely going to need AV Rentals in Chicago.  At Hartford Technology Rental, we specialize in making your meeting the very best that it can be.

Chicago Computer Rental Chicago Computer Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

Computer rental in Chicago is quick and easy when you partner with Hartford Technology Rental. No matter what type of meeting, event or training session you are conducting, it goes without saying that you will need computers and lots of them. Renting computers is the most cost-effective solution and we are ready to help you!

Chicago Copier Rental Chicago Copier Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

Copier rentals in Chicago are most definitely not the most glamorous part of putting together your next meeting or event in the great city of Chicago.  However, when you need to rent a copier in Chicago, you can do no better than calling Hartford Technology Rental.

Chicago iPad Rental Chicago iPad Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

On April 3, 2010, the world changed.  That is the day that Apple released its revolutionary iPad.  From the very beginning, Hartford Technology Rental has led the industry with iPad rentals in general and Chicago iPad rental in particular.

Chicago iPhone Rental Chicago iPhone Rental

Is there an app for that? Well, there may not be an app for renting an iPhone in Chicago but with Hartford Technology Rental, it’s so easy that you won’t need one. Our inventory is stocked with the latest iPhone models. Plus, iPhone rentals are available as either stand-alone wireless devices or with the power of the Verizon cellular network for all of your internet-related needs.

Chicago Laptop Rental Chicago Laptop Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

When you need laptop rentals in Chicago, Hartford Technology Rental is the clear and easy choice. For thirty years, we have been an industry leader in laptop rentals in Chicago and across the country.

Chicago Monitor Rental Chicago Monitor Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

When you think of a presentation or a meeting or event, do you realize that the monitor that you use for presenting can be a huge influence on the over success of the message you are conveying?  And when you need to rent a monitor in Chicago, Hartford Technology Rentals has everything that you could possibly need to convey your message professionally and successfully.

Chicago Projector Rental Chicago Projector Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

One of the simplest and most impactful ways of presenting your message during a meeting or event in Chicago is to rent a projector from Hartford Technology Rental. There is a certain drama to sitting in a dark room illuminated by the bright force of a compelling message. When you want to make that big splash with a Chicago projector rental, we have everything that you need.

Chicago Scanner Rental Chicago Scanner Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

Add some much needed room to your Chicago office space by digitizing your company’s files.  Renting our commercial grade document scanners is the perfect way to avoid paying costly scanning servicesPlus why purchase a permanent solution for a short time need?  Rent a scanner and we’ll deliver, install and pick the unit up when your project is complete.

Chicago Server Rental Chicago Server Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

Sometimes a desktop or a laptop just doesn’t offer enough horsepower to get the job done. Sometimes you need a server. And when you need to rent a server in Chicago, HTR can provide the solution you are looking for.

Chicago Shredder Rental Chicago Shredder Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

In today’s business environment, much emphasis is focused on data security.  And while the protection of your company’s resources is of tantamount importance, it is also important to remember that you also need to keep you printed materials secure.

Chicago Tablet Rental Chicago Tablet Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

Today you have so many options when it comes to renting a tablet in Chicago. Do you want to use an iPad for your next meeting or event?  Or do you need something with an Android operating system like a Samsung Galaxy? Or would you prefer a Microsoft Surface tablet rental so you can use the existing Microsoft Office Suite of programs that we all have been using for years?

Chicago Wireless Internet Rental Chicago Wireless Internet Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

Today, more and more of our work and private life revolve around access to the internet. While we cannot be of much help in your personal life, we most definitely can help you in your professional endeavors with our Verizon hotspot rental options.

Rent Printers in Chicago Chicago Printer Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

It’s easy to have all of your printing requirements covered when you call Hartford Technology Rental for a printer rental in Chicago.

Charging Station Rental Chicago Charging Station Rental Chicago | HTR

In today’s highly connected, fast-paced world of instant access to information, no one can afford to have their cell phone or tablet run out of a charge.  What’s the solution?  Consider offering charging station rentals in Chicago.

Virtual Reality Rental Chicago Virtual Reality Rental Chicago | HTR

One of the most exciting and innovative developments in technology is the advent of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality When you want to rent VR headsets in Chicago, Hartford Technology Rental is your one stop solution.

360 Camera Rental Chicago 360 Camera Rental Chicago | HTR

Looking for a state of the art 360 camera rental in Chicago? Hartford Technology Rental offers a wide array of camera choices to fit any budget.