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Workplace Gadgets Your Business Should Consider

Workplace Gadgets Your Business Should Consider

Without a doubt, the office is becoming a technology oriented place to conduct business. But with all the gadgets out there, which ones make sense for you and your staff? Are these tech devices sizzle with no substance?

Of course, the answer will depend on what your workplace culture looks like, the comfort level of your employees with technology and your office needs.

Below are options that are making some headway in the professional office arena.

9 Workplace Gadgets to Consider

Wireless Encrypted Keyboard

Unlike standard keyboards, Microsoft’s Wireless Desktop 2000 has Advanced Encryption Standard which is designed to help protect your personal and business information by encrypting every keystroke that is entered.

Privacy Filters

Easy to attach, remove and reattach, 3M privacy filters help keep your screen private from the side-views of visual hackers and are especially helpful in public spaces like coffee shops and airports.

Silent Mouse

The ShhhMouse reduces clicking noise levels by 90% by providing a silent clicking button (left and right) so that everybody can enjoy a quieter workplace.

Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

If you work in a noisy environment and can be relatively independent, this is a good option. A removable battery allows you to have multiple 12-hour charges for those long nights at the office.

Digital Pen

The LiveScribe 3 Smartpen has a battery life of 14 hours, which is longer than most smart pens and does a fantastic job at converting handwritten notes and sketches to digital counterparts. It also pairs with iPhone, Android phone or iPad rentals.

USB Charger

A mobile device charger rental unit can eliminate the clutter of bulky power strips around the office and make charging multiple devices streamlined as they will all be in one place.

Mobile Desk

As workspace becomes more open, mobile desks with tablet rentals where employees can easily sit or stand will become the norm. These desks may or may not include a seat and all are on rollers for ease of mobility and storage.

Self-Stirring Mug

No spoon? Not a problem! The self-stirring mug has you covered. It features technology that has a fluid motor and works promptly upon the press of a button.

Wearable Technology

They may not in your office plan now, but according to Ken Kaplan, the Managing Editor of iQ by Intel, wearables shipments are expected to be in the 300 million range by 2018. While they are primarily being used as fitness trackers, expect great improvements this year and next as new apps and products unfold.

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