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With Copier Rentals, Follow These Precautions

With Copier Rentals, Follow These Precautions

Did you know there is a hard drive disk in your copier rental that records every copy produced on the copier? Neither did I! Here is a true account of what can happen to your business if proper security measures are not put in place and find out how to protect your business when renting or leasing a copier.

Case Study – Affinity Health Plan

Affinity Health Plan, a low cost health care provider, never scrubbed multiple photocopiers when they returned them to their leasing agent. Those copiers contained over 340,000 confidential medical records on the hard drives. Because Affinity Health Plan violated HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules, the organization was fined $1.2 million by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for violating the confidentially of their patients.

Federal Trade Commission Guidelines

According to the FTC, your company’s information security plans should cover copiers. If the data from the hard drive gets into the wrong hands, it can lead to identity theft and fraud for the hundreds or thousands of individuals whose personal information was copied.

How to Protect Your Company

Since most organization rent or lease their copiers, you want to protect your business from the same problem Affinity experienced and be prepared for any FTC audits.

Here are four things to consider with a copier machine rental:

First, determine if your organization copies any sensitive, confidential items. Before you say no, think about anything you may have copied such as:

  • Social Security Numbers
  • Pay Stubs
  • W2 forms
  • Driver’s Licenses
  • Bank Statements and/or
  • Credit Reports.

Most organizations that fall into this category are medical, legal and financial institutions. But truth be told, almost any business has copied one or more of the items listed above.

Second, ask if the copier you are about to rent has a hard drive disk overwrite or data encryption feature. If it does, make certain the copier specialist walked you through exactly how to use these features and is available for telephone support if you have any questions.

Third, if the features listed above are not available on the copier you have leased, be sure you can keep the hard drive at the end of the lease or watch it being scrubbed. Obtain a certificate of authenticity from the vendor that this action has been completed.

Fourth, if your copier has a password, be sure to change it every 90 days or when employees who have access to it are terminated.

Hartford Technology Rental Will Help Keep Your Company Documents Secure

Hartford Technology Rental will make every effort to address any vulnerability with your rental copier. Protecting your data, while keeping the copier operational, is very important to us. Call us today 888.520.5667 and ask about our security measures!