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Will “The Luck of the Irish” Be With Your Sales Team?

Will “The Luck of the Irish” Be With Your Sales Team?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I used to be married to an Irish gent and on every St. Patrick’s Day we did something special; from watching the parade in downtown Cleveland to drinking green beer with friends in the area to actually going to the mother land itself, beautiful Ireland.

In those 20 years of celebrating, I heard several blessings including “May you have the luck of the Irish”. I always wondered what that saying meant, and now I know.

It turns out the “Luck of the Irish” was coined in the U.S. during the Gold Rush Days of 1848-52 when many Irishmen migrated from the east to the west looking for gold. Generally, the Irish were treated poorly during this time period by other miners, so when they found gold, others attributed their find to dumb luck instead of skill – hence the term we know and use today.

So is that what we think of top-notch sales persons? That they are successful through the luck of the Irish?

I would argue that is clearly not the case. Today’s post will focus on the ways you can help your sales team become luckier through the use of training and technology tools.

Bring Luck to Your Sales Team

GOAL: Get Your Sales Team In Front of More Prospects.

As you already know, sales are directly related to the amount of time your team spends in front of customers. By providing your sales personnel with tablet rentals, they can be armed with all your product information on one device. No more bulky binders, catalogs and paper presentations. In addition, tablets are lightweight thus allowing them access to pertinent information while walking, standing or sitting with a prospect.

GOAL: Train Your Team Often.

Face-to-face presentations are best, but videos and online PowerPoint presentations can reinforce the message when your team is back in the field.

During face-to-face meetings, test your team’s knowledge through Audience Response or gamification apps that can bring fun into the learning process.

In-person training also shows you are willing to give the same care and attention to your team as you are to your customers.

GOAL: Automate the manual processes.

Most salespersons will tell you they spend more time than they desire filing paperwork that has to go through many channels in the organization. Implementing a CRM system and using a cloud computing rental solution can help your sales team create, collaborate and share important documents without ever printing a piece of paper.

Hartford Technology Rental Team Wishes You a Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Headquartered in Chicago, where the river is turned green during this festive time, our team wishes you the best today and wants to help your sales team be more productive and lucky! With a breadth and depth of technology solutions, Hartford Technology Rental is ready to provide your sales force with fantastic alternatives. Give us a call today at 888-520-5667!