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Will Attorneys Finally Embrace Technology in 2018?

Will Attorneys Finally Embrace Technology in 2018?

Even though most lawyers use technology in their personal lives, they have been reticent to embrace it in their law firms. Why? Because the legal field had long held the belief that paper is king when it comes to winning cases, filing briefs, completing discovery and billing clients.

That premise doesn’t hold true today as there are technological offerings in every area of the business. Whether your firm is ready for the transition or not, your clients will drive you to it.  They want everything from real-time itemized billing statements to the ability to do a 24/7 online review of their case.

What can you do to position your attorneys and staff for what is coming? My recommendation is to follow the formula below.

Five Steps to a Successful Implementation

  1. Establish a technology committee.
    The mission of this group is to analyze all processes that are not automated or still intensely paper driven. Once completed, they will need to rank order the areas of improvement and assess whether they fall into one of the following categories:

    1. Data protection regulations
    2. Business need
    3. Customer demand
    4. Competitive positioning
  2. Investigate platforms.
    Each member should take one of the process and determine:

    1. Do you have the right hardware and software already in place today?
      If yes, perhaps your staff only needs training on the rest of the software functionality. Or the system requires a software and/or hardware upgrade.
    2. What are your application choices?
    3. Will your current hardware configuration support the new software?
    4. Can any of the applications run in the cloud?
    5. What is the estimated cost for the recommended solution?
  3. Based on the recommendations, a learning lounge may be in order.
    If your committee is endorsing several changes, rent a laptop, tablet and desktop with the applications pre-installed. Most software vendors will give you a 30-day trial period and provide 24/7 support. This is a perfect way to test and obtain user feedback which will endorse or eliminate your committee’s decision.
  4. Present recommendations and the implementation plan.
    Now that the apps and hardware have been tested, it is time to present it to the partners for approval. Be sure to relate them back to the ways each solution will help the law firm comply with regulations, address a business need, make your clients happy or put you in a competitive position.
  5. Move forward.
    Now that you have executive approval, follow the plan. Engage with partners that can provide you with the best support options, as there will be bumps in the implementation road as you proceed.

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