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Why Social Media Squads can play a Significant Role at Events

Why Social Media Squads can play a Significant Role at Events

When thinking, planning and executing your conference or meeting, many times you have to pay attention to the little things that make the difference, such as:

  • Have your speakers arrived and are they ready to present?
  • Is the Banquet Event Order (BEO) correct?
  • Will the WiFi solution hold up?

However, one area meeting planners have a tough time keeping on top of is in the arena of social media – especially when the event is in full-swing. Here is a checklist and tips for developing, monitoring and establishing a great social presence at your next meeting or conference.

Assign a Social Squad

Whether it is one or more of your co-workers, board members or volunteers, there are individuals at your conference that are good at social media and know how to use the platform in a productive way.

Several weeks before your meeting or conference, start your social media planning by following these tips:

  1. Ask for help.
    Find out what social channels that attendees, exhibitors and employees are well versed in and ask them if they will be part of your social team.
  2. Go over social basics.
    Remind them that they are now posting and listening on behalf of your organization; so it is important that the tone and content be in line with your company’s culture.
  3. Set policy on what is okay to share.
    When they are listening, give them authority to share certain type of posts and not others. All negative posts need to be addressed by you.
  4. Make sure complaints and questions are brought to you.
    While you want them to post and share other’s content, when it comes to sensitive and/or negative information, you want that content to make an immediate, direct line to you.

Schedule Posts Ahead of Time

Use scheduling tools such as TweetDeck, Buffer and/or Hootsuite to do the following:

  1. Schedule the night before each conference day the following information:

    a. When and where the meals and breaks are being held
    b. The rooms where the sessions are located, especially your breakouts
    c. Where the restrooms are located
    d. The hashtag for the event
    e. What time the trade show floor opens

  2. Schedule every day, in the two weeks leading up to your event, short (less than 2 minute) YouTube video interviews with your presenters.
  3. Have all your presenters load their presentations on SlideShare. Schedule a social post 30 minutes before their presentation so attendees can follow along on their mac rental.
  4. Ask your social squad to go where no man has gone before.
    People are intuitively curious. Have them use their Instagram or Vine accounts and take behind-the-scenes photos of your conference set-up or presenter prep. Even celebrity sightings on the street are big news. Latergram can be used to schedule Instagram posts, while TweetDeck can handle Vine.

Encourage the Use of and Monitor Hashtags

This is extremely important and a great way for your squad to quickly monitor what is going on at your event. Here is what you do:

  1. Weeks ahead of time, promote and use your event hashtag on every post you and your squad produce.
  2. In the rooms where projector rentals are, show the hashtag on the first and last slide of the presentation to encourage posts during and after the session.
  3. Someone from your squad needs to let you know right away if a presenter is bombing so you can implement a strategy to help them out.
  4. Respond within 60 minutes to any complaints or questions.

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