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Why Rent a Copier in Today’s Digital Environment?

Why Rent a Copier in Today’s Digital Environment?

Believe it or not, copiers are in high demand for specialized uses. As much as we desire to eliminate it, paper is still part of our business and event vernacular.

However, what has changed is the need to purchase or enter into long-term leases for copiers. Now you can rent a copier for a day, week or several months and have it removed when the project comes to an end.

Find out which temporary business situations are perfect for renting a copier and learn which questions to ask when identifying a copier that is best for your company.

5 Most Requested Copier Scenarios…Even in 2016

Temporary Office

You are either adding staff for a short period (i.e. accounting season, legal proceedings) or you must move out of your current office space (i.e. renovations, continuity). Either way you need at least one copier rental for the new office space.

Event or Trade Show

You are running a conference and/or trade show. You will need copies of everything from press releases to exhibitor procedures. In addition, you will want to make copies of all bills you are asked to pay onsite or directly after the event ends.

New Product Launches

You will need copies of the invitation, press kit, and marketing materials to submit to attendees and the media outlets.

Audit and Annual Report

When you receive your audit from an independent accounting firm and construct your annual report, you will need to make multiple copies of both for the board of directors meeting and selected set of shareholders.

Legal Documentation

As you prepare for a complex trial, you need a slew of people digging for discovery, but you also need copies of discovery, proceedings, and filings for the judge, your legal team and opposing counsel.

Key Questions to Answer When Selecting a Copier Rental

Here are five things to consider:

  1. How many pages will you be producing in a given day?
    The number of copies will determine the speed, which will ultimately determine the size of the copier. This may be an estimate at first, but remember there is a big difference between 100 and 1,000 copies a day, so do your best to come up with a number.
  2. Do you need two-sided copies and a stapler?
    Determine if these things are nice to have or true necessities.
  3. Do you need to copy in black and white or color or both?
    Many copiers have both options, but the amount of toner or cartridge used will vary depending on your answer. Color copies cost more than black and white. Remember, all cartridge/toner costs are added into your rental agreement.
  4. Do you want a copier that also integrates printing? Faxing?
    Again, most mid to large copiers have these functions. This will be particularly useful for temp offices, legal proceedings, and product launches.
  5. How much space do you have for a copier?
    The larger the copier, the larger the footprint required. Large copiers give out a certain amount of heat and cannot be stored just anywhere. You will want to go over the space requirements with your provider before signing an agreement.

Hartford Technology Rental Offers a Variety of Copiers

Renting copiers is the most flexible way to increase employee productivity during peak workloads, events or projects. Renting saves money because you only have to rent copiers when you need them! Want help selecting the right copier? Give us a call at 888-520-5667 or request a quote online. Our technical staff will help you select the right solution for your next project.