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Why I Love the Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Why I Love the Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Works Like a Super-Fast Laptop

As I was looking to replace my 2010 Sony Vaio laptop with a new something-or-other, it crossed my mind that the Surface Pro 4 might be a reasonable alternative. After all, I had researched and written about it for Hartford Technology Rental and since my laptop was on the verge of dying and I needed to incur the expense in 2015, it seemed like a reasonable choice.

While it took me a little while to get used to the features and functions of the device, I can say now, unequitable, I absolutely love it and am glad I chose this unit. Today, I will share with you what I love and how easy it was to transition from my ratty old laptop to this newer, faster mobile device.

The Hybrid Solution

Being a laptop owner even before laptops were cool, it made me nervous to think about going to laptop/tablet. Was the screen going to be large enough? What about the feel of the keyboard? How were my external devices going work with it? What about when I train my clients?

I’m happy to state that the answers to the above questions are: yes, perfect, just like before and a wireless adaptor with HDMI plug-in works wonders on a monitor rental.

What I Love about Surface Pro 4

The Magnets

It may seem strange, but this device has super strong magnets that keep the pen, keyboard and power cord in place. Yes, you can remove each of these devices from the monitor, but the fact that they won’t fall off when you transport or walk around with this device makes me very happy.

The Touchscreen

The Pro 4 acts just like a tablet and with or without the keyboard, I use the touch screen to move from application to application.

The Pen

In my business, I sign a lot of documents. The simple fact that I can “start inking” within a document and choose the color and thickness of my signature, saves me a lot of time. Before the Surface, I had to print the document, sign, scan and email it back to the recipient. This was a real pain that is no longer a worry.

In addition, if you are connected to the Internet, hold down the top of the pen and ask Cortana a question; she will bring the information/website most closely identified with your question right up for you.

The Kickstand

In the back of this solid-state device is a kickstand that allows you to angle the monitor in a way you want it. You can also easily lay the tablet flat if you desire.

Office 365

I decided to go to a subscription verses “buying” Office 2016. While the subscription might be a little more ($10/month) than purchasing Office outright, all the updates and improvements will download automatically. No longer do I have to request updates; Microsoft will just let me know when updates are being installed.

The Camera

While I am no expert on camera technology, this 5-megapixel camera is awesome! It loads the photos right into the Picture folder for easy access and editing.

The Cloud

When you are saving documents, it will default to save to OneDrive (Microsoft’s Cloud Product). There are many advantages to storing everything on the cloud – including backup, accessibility and collaboration.

The USB port

Everything that used to connect to my laptop, works here too. The only disadvantage is only having one USB port instead of two. So far, this has not been a problem.

Hartford Technology Has Surface Pro 4 Rentals

Whether you are looking for event rentals or want to lease a few hundred tablets, Hartford Technology Rental is the place for Microsoft Surface Pro 4 rentals! Give one of our technical sales members a call at 888.520.5667 so you can fall in love with Pro 4 too!