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What’s The Buzz about Windows 10?

What’s The Buzz about Windows 10?

Microsoft’s Windows 10 was announced on July 29, 2015. It is the latest upgrade option for those on Windows 7 or 8. But what does it really offer to your business?

Let’s take a closer look at 9 of the new offerings with Microsoft’s operating system, Windows 10 and explore how it can benefit a business like yours.

9 Buzz-Worthy Offerings with Windows 10

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a new default browser created for Windows 10 and replaces Internet Explorer. Edge is a smaller, more streamlined browser built on Web standards and designed for Web services.

Which leaves you probably wondering if Microsoft is going to continue to support Internet Explorer. The short answer is yes, as Internet Explorer 11 comes with the Operating System, but the long-term strategy is to move Microsoft users over to Edge as they upgrade their operating systems in the future.

Windows Hello

A new feature called Windows Hello brings biometric security to Windows 10, essentially eliminating the need for passwords. Instead, you can log into your Windows device using your face, iris, or fingerprint.

Windows Hello can provide Enterprise-grade security and privacy, allowing it to adhere to strict regulations required by government, defense, financial and health care organizations.


InstantGo brings smartphone-type power management capabilities to Windows 10, allowing you to start and resume computer activity very quickly.

Multi-Screen Views

You can work on up to 4 things on one screen at the same time.

Virtual Desktop

In addition, you can create a virtual desktop which allows you to store files on a remote server rather than using up your own computer storage. This desktop virtualization software is integrated in Windows 10.

Windows Store

Although this is not a new feature (as it is available for Windows 8), it is where users go to download free and fee-based apps.

This is very valuable if you rent tablets and want all your users to download a particular app while they are at the office, in a meeting or exhibiting at a trade show.


Cortana is a voice-activated, intelligent personal assistant created by Microsoft for Windows 10.

From a business prospective, Cortana can:

  • quickly save meeting notes
  • set up reminders
  • alert you to flight delays
  • help you locate specific documents on your hard drive and even
  • track packages

Clicking the search box opens up the main Cortana view, this includes a tailored newsfeed and a look at your daily schedule for appointments and meetings. Tabs on the side give you quick access to items such as saved reminders.

Multiple Ways for Device Interaction

Because this operating system will run across multiple hardware platforms, including tablets and phones, you will be able to touch, type, write or speak to the device for your business needs.

This is an outstanding feature as much business is completed on the run – sitting, standing or walking – and devices such as the Microsoft Surface rental are perfect for these options.


Continuum is the ability to have a uniform experience across your hardware devices. For example you may use an app on your laptop at work but want to continue that same experience on your phone later that night. You will be able to do this without any visual disorientation between devices.

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