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What Type of Meeting Are You Having?

What Type of Meeting Are You Having?

Having supported thousands of meetings over the years, we have found that most meetings fall into one of two categories:

  1. Meetings that have an individual focus – Typically large conferences where the focus is on individual outcomes through networking, sharing and learning.
  2. Meetings with an organizational focus – Corporate meetings where the focus is on organizational aspects such as strategy, planning and direction.

The better we understand the type of meeting you want, the better we’ll be at organizing the technical requirements to achieve the best possible outcome.

Meetings with an individual focus

These meetings are the typical trade show / association type meetings held annually. In this setting, the goal is to bring people together from the same area of expertise where they can network with their peers, share information and have access to continued learning through hands-on workshops and seminars.

How can Hartford help?

At HTR, we are very accustomed to working in this segment. We can provide a total turnkey solution for all aspects of the event such as:


We offer traditional PC rentals, thin client rentals and iPad rentals. With or without self-service kiosks. We also provide a wide of array of laser and badge printer rentals to compliment your registration effort.

  1. We can image all the workstations prior to installation and then network them onsite.
  2. Need an onsite server rental or want to rent some space in the Cloud? We do those too.

Hands-on Workshops

HTR is well equipped to handle training workshops from small 20 person rooms to very large 1,000 person training events. Not only do we have the equipment but you can also rely on our expertise to ensure your project is handled in the best possible way. We like to innovate and take advantage of new technologies or methods that will provide an exceptional experience for you and your students. Need some new ideas on streamlining your training workshops? Take a look at a couple of new ideas we offer.

  1. Desktop streaming rental
  2. Cloud rental


Breakout Rooms

The staple of any trade show or convention, HTR can provide all the technology you need with onsite technical support at a fraction of what meeting venues typically charge.

  1. Projector and screen rentals optimized for best audience experience
  2. Sound systems with wired and wireless microphones
  3. Laptops and iPads for connecting to projectors
  4. Dry Erase Boards and Flip Charts
  5. Speaker Ready room setups


Opening Sessions

Whether it is for 100 or 10,000 people, HTR can help create a truly memorable opening session.

  1. State-of-the-art staging, lighting and rigging
  2. Large sound system setups
  3. Large venue projector rentals
  4. Confidence monitors


Exhibitor Services

The heart of any trade show is its exhibitor floor. Rest assured we will take good care of your exhibitor customers. We’re confident that at the end of the show, you will receive good marks for having HTR as the AV provider. We’ll provide:

  1. Custom order forms for the exhibitor packet
  2. Show-ready first-class equipment
  3. Competitive rates
  4. An onsite technical support desk throughout the show
  5. Onsite spare equipment


Meetings with an organizational focus

Organizational meetings typically focus around one of the following:

  1. Sales force training
  2. Strategic planning sessions
  3. Leadership meetings
  4. Mergers and acquisitions
  5. Change initiatives
  6. Product launches

In these types of meetings, it is important to hear what’s on the participant’s minds, since it’s more about thinking and creating together. Leaders have a need for real, live information from participants and in order for participants to be effective, they have a need to connect, engage and co-create. In order to handle this, you need a fast feedback system. This is where HTR comes in.

Meetings like this are what we call interactive. An interactive meeting is designed to harness the knowledge and experience of participants to provide feedback in real time. This allows you to gain a clearer understanding of the whole group’s perspective and to provide a thoughtful approach to moving forward on your goal.

How can Hartford help?

Since participants need not only to be able to select from a list of options, but to also make comments, our interactive meeting solution provides participants with access to an iPad running specialized apps they can use it at specific times to do any of the following:

  1. Brainstorming
  2. Explore questions and insights
  3. Respond to polls and indicate priorities and preferences
  4. Take surveys
  5. Discuss critical issues
  6. Create and record breakout reports and present them back to the larger group
  7. Give feedback


What about support?

We support you every step of the way in creating a highly engaging meeting experience. We’ll help:

  1. Design sessions that appropriately integrate the use of these tools and processes to best support your objectives
  2. Customize, program and support the technology
  3. Manage the real-time distillation of participant input
  4. Coach presenters on how to best respond to input
  5. Produce rapid reports

Do either of these meetings sound like your meeting or like one you should be having? If so, we invite you to contact us today at 888-520-5667 or through our online request form to see how we can best support your efforts.