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What to Do About Event Technology Pain Points

What to Do About Event Technology Pain Points

A recent survey conducted by Etouches of 239 global planners found the latter are still struggling with the integration of technology into the planning and execution of their events.

While many of the pain points are real, there are doable fixes to these problems. This post will identify the survey results and suggested ways to fix them.

Event Tech Survey: Good News

One shining area of the survey was that 65% of survey participants said they are measuring event Return on Investment (ROI). However, the data gathered at the event needs to be used in a more meaningful way.

The key is to track revenue and expenses in order to make strategic decisions for your next event. This includes trade show booths and sponsorships sold, as well as, the cost of bringing in speakers. Online and onsite survey tools can measure exhibitor, sponsor and attendee satisfaction levels which can be a big indicator of their likelihood of returning to your next event.

Six Technology Pain Points

  • 60% of respondents had difficulty targeting the right prospective attendees online.
    The solution to this problem is multi-faceted and requires developing your ideal attendee profile. Once identified, you can start email campaigns, run social posts and promote your event at industry functions. Not sure how? Here are more ideas about ways to target the right attendee.
  • 50% identified dealing with attendee registration as a problem.
    There are many digital registration systems, however, whichever system you choose needs to provide onsite check-in and walk-in registration as well. The key is for it to be self-serve and easy to navigate for the attendee. Take the time to really test and choose the right system for your event, have onsite mentors to help attendees and provide strategically placed iPad kiosk rentals.
  • 48% said attendees’ satisfaction was the most important factor to track.
    Give attendees many was to communicate with you and your staff: email, text, event mobile app, mobile survey tool and Twitter are common outlets. The key is to take the pulse of attendees during and after every speaker, networking event and meal. If things need to change, make them a priority. When positive actions occur, attendees feel their voice was heard. Give attendees iPad rentals, loaded with the apps, if they do not have technology of their own.
  • 44% cited communication with event attendees was challenging.
    Look to the bullet above for the solution ideas. One other method can be to continue to ask attendees to use the event hashtag through the conference. This is an easy way for attendees to see if their question has been answered or their challenge is being addressed. Remember to use the channels listed above to push out notifications to attendees as well.
  • 43% said managing logistics such as room setup and AV needs was a struggle.
    Room setup can now be handled through an app, and most hotels and conference center staff have such a tool loaded onto a tablet. Because room logistics can change like the wind as speaker preferences are disclosed, attendee numbers move up or down or the venue needs to move your meeting, it is vital to have access to a real-time, digital tool to show changes. In addition, a great AV event rental supplier will help ensure you have the right technology in place to make your event rock!
  • 42% considered technology, in general, a pain point.
    While this survey did not give a “deep dive” into why planners feel this way, I suspect it has to do with misunderstandings among venue, supplier, speaker and attendee expectations. As you know, technology demands are not going away, they are, in fact, increasing every year. If you are uncomfortable with technology and keeping up with the trends of the industry, now is the time to identify and work with trusted technology suppliers to help steer you in the right direction.

We Can Help Take the Pain Out of Technology

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