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What Planners Want from Mobile Apps for Events

What Planners Want from Mobile Apps for Events

Last year, the Event Marketing Institute surveyed hundreds of meeting planners to determine how and why they would use mobile apps at events.

Meeting planners responded the following ways:

  • 72% of planners feel sponsors are interested in app advertising options
  • 56% of attendees will use mobile apps, if the option is offered to them
  • 44% of planning organizations will pay $10,000+ for a customized app
  • 28% will pay between $9,999-$5,000 for the app and
  • 28% will pay less than $5,000 for use of a customized application.

The top uses of mobile apps are:

  • Registration
  • Viewing the event schedule and the ability for attendees to personalized it
  • Connecting with attendees through live chats and contact exchanges
  • Displaying and sharing speaker profiles
  • Determining where the sessions are located
  • Live polling
  • Providing a trade show map and
  • Gathering attendee leads

Given this information, here are some of the best mobile apps for the event industry and what they can do for corporate meeting planners.

Top 5 Mobile App for Events

CrowdCompass by Cvent

This app offers:

  • Personalized schedule integration directly from the registration form
  • Interactive maps that allow attendees to zoom in and out, tap on pins for exhibitors and includes links to full profile descriptions
  • Attendee messaging to communicate instantly with other participants
  • Interactive polling allows event organizers and speakers to launch in-app polls to instantly and find out what attendees are thinking during the conference
  • Lead retrieval which gives sponsors and exhibitors the ability to seamlessly scan and manage leads from their smartphone or tablet rental


This app integrates:

  • The ability to simplify event networking among attendees based on interests and titles
  • Live polling to encourage participation during sessions
  • The ability to create a personal agenda and see where an attendee needs to be at a glance
  • Lead generating opportunity for exhibitors to target attendees with personalized messages and easily scan attendee badges


This mobile app has:

  • One-on-one event networking with LinkedIn integration
  • Real-time event polling
  • An event agenda builder that allows attendees to make changes on a real-time basis
  • Online registration


This event app can:

  • Help attendees view the event schedule with keyword searches and customizes personal schedules
  • Provide complete indoor maps, GPS guidance, and parking and shuttling information
  • Give users the ability to send private messages to other attendees
  • Allow the creation of surveys embedded into the event’s app page and receive feedback on desired subject areas
  • Automatically generate and deliver a list of leads to the exhibitors


This app is designed for:

  • Live polling; the meeting planner can create questions ahead of time or on-the-spot
  • A published attendee list, complete with profile pictures and contact information and the ability for instant messaging

As you can see, there are a plethora of event apps with different strengths and weaknesses. It is best to start with the needs and wants of your attendees, exhibitors and sponsors. Once those are determined, an application can be customized to fit your conference and meeting requirements.

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