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What North American Meetings Industry Day Means to Me

What North American Meetings Industry Day Means to Me

For the first time ever, meeting industry leaders from Canada, Mexico and the United States are coming together today to support the North American Meetings Industry Day or NAMID for short.

The main sponsor of this event is the Meetings Mean Business coalition which has an events page showcasing several gatherings around the country in support of this campaign. In fact, three are being held in Chicago, where Hartford Technology Rental is headquartered.

This event has three objectives:

  • Define and shape the meetings and events profession in the future
  • Help raise the industry’s profile and
  • Discuss the economic impact of meetings with people who are outside the industry.

Meeting Industry Facts

According to a 2012 study by PwC, the meetings industry:

  • Contributes more than $280 billion yearly to the US economy
  • Generates more than $234 billion in total labor income
  • Adds $88 billion to federal, state and local tax reserves and
  • Employs1.8 million people

An Oxford Economics report found that when business people travel to meet with prospects they are twice as likely to close business versus phone, email or video chats. In addition the report cited:

  • For every dollar spent on travel, $9.50 came back to the company in new revenue
  • 42% of business travelers said they would lose their customers without face-to-face meetings and
  • The companies that invest in business travel during economic downturn, grew the fastest.

What NAMID Means to Me

Whether I am one-on-one with another person or I am in a convention of thousands of individuals, meetings allow me to:

Create Personal Connections
This is why I retain my membership in professional organizations. The ability to meet others in my field is truly priceless. Over the 22 years I have been in this profession, I have met and maintained relationships with individuals that have morphed into friendships. This could not have happened over a conference call or webinar; it must happen face-to-face.

Get More Business
I very rarely, if ever, close business over the phone or via Skype. Face-to-face meetings have helped me win new accounts and network with prospective clients that hopefully will become clients in the future. The ability to read body language, understand tone and shake someone’s hand has been extremely valuable.

Grab Someone’s Attention
I have conversed with some very high level individuals in the meetings industry at various professional conferences – without the interuption of their staff, use of their smartphone or the need to rush off to another meeting. For two to 20 minutes, I have had the opportunity to learn more about them and vice versa.

Learn Something New
Even though there are a variety of online tools to learn, nothing beats sitting in a meeting and learning from the subject matter expert, exchanging dialog with my peers and leaving my workload back at the office.

It comes down to this basic premise: Face-to-face meetings is where deals are struck, relationships are forged and ideas are generated.

What You Can Do To Help Make NAMID 2015 Memorable

  • Attend a NAMID event today.
  • Tweet out what meetings mean to you using the handle @MeetingsMeanBiz and #MMBusiness and #NAMID15 hashtags. Find and retweet posts under those hastags.
  • Download the free Meetings Mean Business app, which is available on iPhone and Android smartphones to stay updated on NAMID activity.

Hartford Technology Rental Supports NAMID 2015

We love meetings and support this wonderful day!

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