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What Every Digital War Room Requires

What Every Digital War Room Requires

You may think of a war room only in terms of dealing with a corporate crisis or preparing for a million-dollar legal case. But war rooms are not only entering the digital age, but they are becoming a more strategic element with national campaigns and professional sports teams.

Today let’s focus on the purpose of a digital war room and the non-technical/technical elements required to help you make the people in this room successful in their quest.

Digital War Room Structure and Purpose

A digital war room is typically a space that comfortably seats 12-15 individuals (i.e. corporate board room). Its purpose is to keep track of public opinion feeds, such as breaking news stories and social postings, collect and display data, brainstorm options and/or prepare for a legal proceeding.

Some war rooms are manned 24/7 (during a campaign, reacting to a crisis) while others may be gathering points for several days or weeks in a row during regular business hours (NBA draft, preparing for a case).

Non-technical Elements

  1. Whiteboard
    This will capture ideas as they come along or be a place for dates and reminders to the group.
  2. Colored Post-it Notes
    As a brainstorming tool, individuals can display notes and vote on concepts. These squares can easily move around on a wall or be trashed as new data comes to light.
  3. Long Table with Plugs
    Everyone should be able to see each other and have plenty of connectivity options for technology.
  4. Comfortable Seating
    Most individuals will be in this room for 8-12 hours a day so make sure you provide chairs, ottomans, and couches that exude comfort.
  5. Small Refrigerator and a Place for Dry Snacks

Technical Requirements

  1. Laptops or Tablets
    Everyone in the room should have a laptop or tablet pre-loaded with the applications that are relevant to the war room purpose.
  2. Large Displays
    4-5 monitor rentals that can be dedicated to a different medium. One or more for:

    1. The news
    2. Social listening and
    3. Data display.
  3. The Cloud and Collaborative Tools
    Individuals need to pull up documents, videos, and presentations, and be able to make edits and comments about them in a real-time fashion. Consider a cloud rental option if you don’t already utilize the cloud today or want to keep the data separate from your corporate server.

    The Microsoft Surface Hub rental is a valuable collaborative device because many individuals can be at the display creating and commenting on content at the same time.

  4. Big Data Analytics
    Depending on your budget and need, having at your disposal a business analytics tool can help determine the trending data from billions of data points. For example, if you are running a national presidential campaign, you need to know as much as possible about each U.S. voter to forecast where your candidate goes and what they say. Or if you are averting a crisis, having a tool to analyze all social postings can help craft your public awareness advertisement.
  5. Fast and Constant Wi-Fi Connectivity
    Wi-Fi should be in the room and accessible to everyone. If you are concerned about the bandwidth, consider a hotspot rental for the room.

Hartford Technology Rental Can Stock Your War Room

Do you need help selecting the right equipment for your digital war room? Give us a call at 888-520-5667 or request a quote online and our technical staff will help you select the right technology to meet your needs. And remember, our technical staff is available 24/7!