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What Do Attendees Mean When They Provide Feedback

What Do Attendees Mean When They Provide Feedback

Feedback is a critical factor in all communications; but it is the lifeblood of a meeting or event. However, similar to in-life situations, attendees may say or write something about your event that may not be entirely truthful. It isn’t that they don’t want to be honest, it is more about trying to be polite.

Here are 8 common comments you and your staff may pick up from meeting participants. Dig deeper on the spot by asking more questions. Try and decipher what they are truly saying and record their feedback in one place, such as a cloud rental solution.

Event Related Comments

I enjoyed the meeting but…
…it wasn’t quite what I was expecting.

Be clear about the meeting topic, the subject-matter level of the meeting (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and the job titles of the individuals who should attend (entry level professionals, managers, executives). It is vital that you provide as much information as possible to the registrant so they know it is the right session for them.

I didn’t receive much information about the event….
…I’m not sure what to do next.

Be sure to develop an event communication calendar and follow it to a tee. You may feel you are overcommunicating with your attendees, but there is no such thing in today’s loud and digital world. Use a variety of ways to communicate; email, social media, phone calls and even direct mail can work.

The event was so crowded….
…I had a hard time hearing the presenter and getting a seat.

You want an event that is full, but not too full. Make sure the space can comfortably hold the attendees. Have a reserved table in the back for last minute arrivals and make sure the sound system rental can adequately accommodate the crowd.

Before you sign up with the event venue, have the group sales professional provide you with a computerized layout of the tables, seating and stage in the rooms you will be utilizing.

Speaker Related Comments

I had to leave before the event end….
…I had a better offer.

If you want attendees to stick around until the end of your conference, you need to jam your agenda full of good speakers right until the bitter end. And you need to market those speakers effectively. Otherwise, people will cascade out of your event’s last session in droves. Many planners are now saving their best keynote presenter for last.

The presenter was a subject matter expert…
…He was as boring as all get out.

You want presenters that are good and very knowledgeable about their subject. They are going to bring a new prospective about something the audience cares about. However, if they are dry and boring, no one will listen. People will interact with their cell phones or pretend they are taking notes on their tablet.

Make sure all presenters are interactive and engaging. Go see them in person and if that is not possible, watch several YouTube videos. Get referrals from other event managers and extensively interview all presenters.

Technology Related Comments

The Wi-Fi was patchy…
…I thought the Wi-Fi sucked.

Nothing brings an attendee back to their hotel room or office faster than bad bandwidth. They might not complain to you; they will just disappear.

Go over the requirements needed for your meeting with the event venue IT staff. Be sure you understand how your speakers and exhibitors will be using the Wi-Fi. If you don’t know for sure how much Wi-Fi you need, use an online tool that will provide an estimate of bandwidth needed for your meeting.

In addition, you may wish to use Wi-Fi hotspot rentals if the venue’s access points are too weak to give off a good signal or if there are Wi-Fi dead zones.

I was confused about where to go…
…The signage could have been better.

In a large convention space in a strange city, attendees can get frustrated and confused quickly. In addition, if there is not adequate signage outside the door, they may not be sure they are going into the right session.

All of this can be solved with strategically placed digital signage around the venue.

The app wasn’t working…
…I didn’t understand how to use it.

You went paperless for a lot of reasons and loaded everything on a mobile app. However, if the attendees don’t find the app useful and easy to use, they won’t use it at all. In addition, some attendees may feel uncomfortable with technology and even if you provide iPad rentals for them, they may not know how to navigate the hardware or the app.

Test your app before purchasing it. Get together a focus group of technology challenged attendees and ask them to test it for a few hours or days. You may wish to test a few apps at a time and choose the best app for your conference.

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