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What Businesses Can Learn from the Opening of Apple Park

What Businesses Can Learn from the Opening of Apple Park

In two months, Apple is slated to open their new $5 billion headquarters, commonly referred to as Apple Park, on a 175-acre campus in Cupertino, California. This will be the home to their 12,000+ employees.

While most businesses cannot afford or don’t have a need for a complex of this size, there are six lessons that every business can implement in some form or fashion to help with employee engagement and retention.

Lessons Learned from Apple Park Features

  • A visitor’s center that includes an Apple Store.

Providing a welcome center for visitors to come into your location is a blast from the past and the pathway to the future.

Encourage visitors to come to your location and learn more about your products and services. If a retail outlet doesn’t make sense, provide users with iPad floor stand rentalunits where they can learn more about your company as they are waiting for an appointment or during non-business hours.

  • A café that is open to employees and the public.

Providing a full-service café to employees encourages them to stay onsite during the lunch hour and having it available to both the public and employees may create a natural dialog between them about the Apple line of products.

If a café is not an option at your location, vow to bring in lunch once a week for all employees. If you have several vendors that call on your staff (i.e. medical, financial verticals), encourage them to provide a lunch and learn session as often as possible.

  • A 100,000-square foot fitness center.

Healthy employees are productive employees. The ability to work out before, during and after work with full shower facilities and locker room, sets the tone that exercise is important within the Apple culture.

Offer a fitness membership to a gym that is close by as an added perk of the job. Be sure it has all the things your employees desire including group classes, weights and an indoor track.

  • 2 miles of trails for walking or running.

These tracks go through an orchard, meadow and around a pond.

While trails are probably not on your property, lead a 30-minute walk/run every day during the lunch hour. Getting fresh air and a break from the office is key to productivity. Find out where you can access the closest trails; TrailLink is a great resource to do just that.

In addition, you may wish to hold a walk and have meditation/yoga sessions outside once or more per week.

  • 1,000 seat auditorium.

This is where product launches, employee meetings and trainings will occur.

Don’t have a boardroom or meeting space for employee meetings or trainings? Work with your local chamber of commerce or visitor center for a listing of venues that can meet your needs. Hold an offsite event at least once a year, but preferably once a quarter.

  • An energy efficient building run entirely on renewable energy.

Make a commitment to implementing green practices in 2017. While you might not be able to change to efficiency of your building, you can start to reduce, reuse and/or recycle the amount of paper that is generated in your office.

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