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Ways to Increase Engagement at Trade Shows | HTR

Ways to Increase Engagement at Trade Shows | HTR

Trade shows are a cost-effective way of meeting prospects. It costs $259 to meet a prospect at their office. It only costs $142 to meet them at a trade show.

Trade shows are a great way to start conversations and engage with new customers. Here’s how to increase engagement at trade shows using technology.

Ways to Increase Engagement at Trade Shows

You’ve probably thought about the design of your trade show booth. You may even have had training in sales techniques. Have you considered the contribution technology can make to your trade show effort?

Wi-Fi Access

Getting useful Wi-Fi access at a trade show can often be a pain. Everybody is competing for bandwidth that is too small. The trade show venue wants to tick the box that says they provide Wi-Fi but doesn’t want to invest heavily in it.

Offer fast WiFi with more bandwidth and speed than the venue. Do this in exchange for business cards or even a chat and you might make lots of friends as well as business contacts.

Digital Billboard

Large screens or cell phone charging kiosk rental can act as digital billboards at your booth. Use clear colorful graphics and strategic positioning to grab attention. Keep it on-brand so as not to confuse attendees and make the message engaging.


A busy exhibit booth can sometimes mean that you can’t make personal contact with everybody. Also, there are people who will run a mile before they will have a chat with you. For both reasons, try making chatbots available.

Use tablets with floor or table stands loaded with simple questionnaires to capture potential client details and communicate marketing messages. It’s the trade show version of retail self-checkout.

Interactive Displays

Touch screen displays and iPad rentals can provide an engaging way to gamify the trade show experience. Let visitors that come to your exhibit booth select promotional videos or let them play a game. It’s a great way to get them to relax and feel comfortable with you.

SMS Messaging

Invite visitors to subscribe to SMS messaging by having a dedicated laptop or tablet informing them on how to subscribe. Send messages throughout the event about products, offers, and other news.

Consider having a raffle every hour where an attendee, who visits your booth and subscribes, can win a prize. Notify them by SMS of course.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality can be used to entertain but it is also a really engaging way to inform too. Invite visitors to learn about your product or service via a virtual reality experience. Showcase your product in an iconic location such as Times Square or Las Vegas.

Social Media

Use social media to communicate and engage potential customers. Create a hashtag for the event and use it to interact with visitors. Give people something that makes it worth their while to engage.

Creating some value for prospective customers can be as simple as information or as exciting as an invite to an after-show product launch party. Drawing people into a relationship takes more than simply tweeting about your presence at the trade show. Invite people to post photos of your stand and give a reward for the best or funniest.

It’s All About Engagement

Attending a trade show is a significant investment, and it is important to use all the resources available. That’s why using technology is an effective way to increasing engagement at trade shows now and going forward. Talk to us about technology rentals by giving us a call at 888-520-5667; we can help you plan and get ready for your next trade show.