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Ways Technology Can Enhance Your Holiday Gathering | HTR

Ways Technology Can Enhance Your Holiday Gathering | HTR

You may be in throws of planning your holiday gathering or just starting the process. Whatever the timing, venue considerations or budget parameters, there are a few technology ticket items you do not want to forego. These items will help set the excitement level and mood of the party. Remember, this is an end-of-the-year bash where you are thanking employees and giving them a glimpse into the company’s plans for next year.

Here are some innovative ways to get your guests up and moving around and buzzing about how much fun they had at your event!

Photo Op

If everyone is dressing up and bringing a guest and/or their family, you want to seize the opportunity to capture the essence of the gathering with photography. Rather than hiring a professional photographer, think about these two options:

  1. Have an Instagram Station
    Set up a holiday backdrop and rent an iPad preinstalled with Instagram and enclose it on a table stand rental. Hire someone to take the photos and post them on a large monitor or video wall as they are being taken.
  2. Invest in an Instagram Frame
    For about $13, Etsy will provide you with a PDF for an Instagram frame, which can highlight your companies Instagram account and hashtags. You and your staff will take the frame to party participants and capture more relaxed networking photos.

Digital Signage

Rather than taking up staff time, have creative digital signage that tells individuals where the food, bar, and activities are located. Large touch screen monitors can be self-serve; eliminating the need for paper programs, signage or additional staff directing attendees to various locations.

Microphone and Sound System

Whether it is the entertainment or the CEO giving an address, it is important that you have a proper sound system and enough microphone rentals to allow for questions or comments from employees.


The right lighting sets the mood. LED lighting can emulate stars on the ceiling. String lighting can make your indoor event feel like you are outdoors. These are two examples of creative lighting solutions.

Virtual Reality

Allow guests to experience a different world through Virtual Reality rentals. If they have never experienced snow, take them through a holiday scene in New York City; a ride on Santa’s sleigh; or experience parts of a movie, like the Polar Express.

Hartford Technology Rental is Your Holiday Party Provider

If you are interested in renting any of the technology listed above, consider giving Hartford Technology Rental a call today at 888-520-5667. We are a national service provider and bring the right technology to you for that special holiday gathering.