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Want Happy Campers This Summer? Select the Right Technology Vendor!

Want Happy Campers This Summer? Select the Right Technology Vendor!

With camp season just around the corner, your “to-do” list is probably becoming very long. Wouldn’t it be great to secure all your equipment from one vendor? A company that has a breadth of technology offerings including laptops, iPad rental and tablet rentals? Technical support around the clock? And all, at a reasonable price that will meet your budget?

Before selecting a computer camp supplier, take a look at the following five questions. Once you have the answers, your vendor selection process will become much easier.

Questions to Ask a Technology Partner

  • Do they have a large inventory of the same devices?
    You want to sign with a supplier that has a large inventory of computer and presentation equipment. In addition, once your order is placed, make sure they have significant quantities still available in the warehouse in case you have last minute registrants.
  • Do they offer 24/7 technical support?
    The last thing you want is to sit on the phone for hours or wait for a call back that may or may not happen. You want an organization that is available, ready and willing to find a solution to your problem.

    If the problem is a hardware malfunction, determine what support options they offer. Will they overnight a replacement machine or bring a replacement unit to the camp location ASAP?

  • Do they provide onsite spares?
    If you rent a laptop or computer in bulk quantities, you need to have the ability to swap out the laptop or computer in order to keep the campers on track with their activities.
  • Do they offer WiFi hotspot rental options?
    One thing you don’t want this summer is lousy WiFi. Many campers are going to want increased bandwidth because they will be creating and streaming video. You may need to turn to a technology vendor in order to assure you have lightning fast WiFi connection options that won’t slow down their creativity.
  • Will they preinstall your software before delivery of the units?
    A crucial time saver can be in imaging the hardware with the apps your campers want to use. Contracting with a tech company that will provide this service will make your first day of camp go very smoothly.

Hartford Technology Rental Is Your Computer Camp Supplier!

Hartford Technology Rental has your cyber camp solution!  We understand the importance of having the right equipment – plus fast WiFi connections – so you can deliver a great experience to your little campers. We have experienced Account Executives and Technicians that can deliver it all; without busting your budget.

Go with Hartford Technology Rental for your computer summer camp rental needs. Give us a call today at 888.520.5667!