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Virtual Reality Taking Shape in Today’s Businesses

Virtual Reality Taking Shape in Today’s Businesses

Virtual Reality (VR) adoption is on the rise in the business and events arena. As 2017 rounds out, you will see it even more heavily used. Below are several real examples of what it takes to bring VR to life.

Goal: Draw in Virtual Attendees

Here are five organizations that used or are currently using VR successfully to give remote attendees a unique view of the event.

Rio Olympics

More than 100 hours of VR viewing which included the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, the men’s basketball final, gymnastics, and highlights were available on Samsung Galaxy smartphones, Gear VR and accessible through the NBC Sports app. 

Super Bowl LI

Fox Sports and production company, LiveLike VR, broadcast 20 of the “most exciting” highlights from this year’s Super Bowl in 360 degree. The clips can be viewed using Gear VR or Google Cardboard headsets along with the Fox Sports VR application.

Golden Globes

At the Golden Globes, L’Oréal Paris used Snapchat’s video-capturing Spectacles giving viewers a sneak peek into the awards show by streaming behind-the-scenes content from celebrities getting ready backstage to the walk down the red carpet. The 10-second videos, known as “memories”, were streamed to the brand’s Snapchat account. This video then can be viewed on any mobile device or via Samsung’s Gear VR devices.

New York Fashion Week

Attendees could wear Samsung’s Gear VR headset for an up-close, 360-degree view of the latest collections and corresponding details about each look. "With VR, we can create experiences that let anyone feel like they are sitting in the front row of a fashion show, or walk around and shop in a store anywhere in the world from your own couch," stated Neha Singh, founder and CEO of Obsess VR.


Hulu released the first episode of its new Virtual Reality music show “On Stage” on its VR app in January. The show, which is being produced in cooperation with Live Nation, promises to give viewers a closer look at some of music’s biggest stars.

Goal: Show Off Venues and Destinations

Virtual Reality Tours

The ability to “walk” through a hotel, convention center or destination as if you were there, is an incredible selling tool. Two companies that offer this ability are Indoor360 or YouVisit. Check out these five destinations that are offering 360 video tours today.

Meeting planners and committees can and will continue to rent VR equipment for a day or two and immerse themselves into many venue and destination settings to narrow down their choices.

Benefits of Virtual Reality

“2017 will be the year VR becomes normalized…facilitated by the big guns behind Vive, Playstation VR, Oculus Rift and more,” stated Andrew Abedian, Lead Designer at Survios, a VR development company.

In my opinion, Virtual Reality allows for unusual branding options, sponsorships and live streaming of VR content to remote users. However, in order to make this happen, the right investment of hardware, software and content needs to occur. VR will continue to grow and develop applicability in many vertical markets, such as education, entertainment and healthcare, as more solutions become available and more organizations integrate it into their marketing plans.

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