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Using Technology to Promote Your Event

Using Technology to Promote Your Event

Due to a great many advances in the ways we use technology, it should be no surprise that certain tools will help you improve attendee numbers, their experience at the event and keep you top-of-mind well after the conference is long over.

Implement today or be on the lookout for tomorrow – event organizers and planners should consider these 8 ways to use technology to promote their event.

Before: Selling the Event

  • Sell your event via Virtual Reality.
    This technology can help users immerse themselves in the destination, venue and the event. You can arrange to obtain VR rentals for one day and ask potential attendees to immerse themselves into the upcoming experience. Use VR to show individuals, at various association meetings and large company meetings, the experience they will have at your event!
  • Invest in Retargeting.
    This is a form of online advertising by which users are targeted based on their previous Internet actions. Retargeting tags online users by including a pixel within the target webpage or email, which sets a cookie in the user's browser. In other words, it is an ad that follows the user around to other websites. It is a good way to keep your message in front of potential attendees who have abandoned your website before registering for the event.
  • Connect attendees.
    There are many apps and ways to do this, but it is important to offer the connection possibility to attendees before they set foot at the conference. Providing a searchable list by first and last name, company name and title are important for potential attendees to see if like-minded individuals and/or people they know are coming to the conference. You may or may not want to include email addresses as that might encourage spamming. The important thing is attendees can set up meetings with other attendees before the event or feel well assured the event is worth it, if they know who is attending.

During: Communicating at the Event

  • Implement a Chatbot.
    This is a computer program which conducts a conversation via textual methods. Some chatterbots use sophisticated natural language processing systems, but many scan for keywords within the question or comment and pull a reply with the most matching keywords from a database. This can save event organizers a lot of time especially if attendees are consistently looking for speaker bios, agenda timing, venue offerings and trade show maps.
  • Use Facial Recognition.
    Some attendees may oppose this, but facial recognition can keep unauthorized attendees out of certain sessions, measure attendee feedback through their facial expressions and serve their needs through interaction with phone digital assistants. While it is here today with the iPhone X and Galaxy S8, look for enhancements in the next generation smartphones.
  • Look at Mixed Reality Solutions.
    Think of mixed reality as mixing real world with computer generated imagery. Imagine you’re in a room and with real tables and chairs that are replaced with virtual furniture. You now see a blend of real and virtual items. This allows speakers to bring items into their presentation they could not physically transport or trade show exhibitors the opportunity to pull attendees into their booth via virtual imagery.

After: Keeping the Event Alive

  • Do Some Social Listening.
    Find out what attendees are saying on social channels. Respond to both positive and negative reviews. Encourage attendees to keep the conversation going and be sure to put new content on the site at least once a week.
  • Send specific, targeted emails.
    Create monthly emails that keep attendees connected to the messages from the conference. Let them know about early-bird discounts and invite them to submit ideas and feedback for upcoming conferences.

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