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Using Mixed Reality in Business

Using Mixed Reality in Business

You’re probably familiar with the idea of virtual reality, but there’s a new, similar technology called mixed reality. Mixed reality uses elements of both the physical and virtual world, blending them to create one. 

The result is an experience that’s partially grounded in real life and partially digital. Technically, “mixed reality” is the umbrella term for both augmented reality and virtual reality. 

We’re going to talk a little bit about mixed reality examples today, showing you how this technology is being applied in the business world. 

Using Mixed Reality in Business

A large part of the mixed reality application can be used to transform meetings, or enhance business productivity and efficiency. Once you start thinking about it, it’s not hard to imagine what some of these applications would be in the workplace. From training employees to reaching customers, the benefits of mixed reality technologies are starting to expose themselves.

More Effective Training

Mixed reality devices allow employees to access something called experiential training. So, in professions where the work is very delicate, expensive, or dangerous, employees can train and prepare through mixed reality with no risks. 

Additionally, this training is far more engaging and enjoyable than, say, reading through a three-pound packet of information. Traditional training is usually a long, paid, extremely boring session that only yields marginal results at best. 

Experiential training, on the other hand, allows employees to be immersed and actually do the things that they will soon be doing in their profession.

Improved Customer Experience

On the consumer side of things, customers, who are exposed to mixed reality, can get a better idea of the product they’re thinking of buying. Some products must be tried or visualized before a person can make a confident purchase; using mixed reality technologies can create an experience for customers to make more informed purchases.

Additionally, large items that are difficult and expensive to move can be virtually arranged or placed before they are bought. For example, a hefty couch doesn’t need to go up a flight of stairs in order for the customer to see how it would look in their living room. They only need to arrange a virtual living room and make their purchases accordingly. 

Project Visualization

Another effective use of mixed reality is the creation of products and execution of projects. For example, this application can be used for building and architectural projects. Architects can use a form of augmented reality to visualize and manifest their ideas. 

Blueprints and drawings can only go so far, and that limitation often ends up causing problems in the building stage. Mixed reality, on the other hand, can provide a vivid example of the application of ideas before any money is spent producing them.

Need the Latest Technology?

Hopefully, these mixed reality examples give you an idea of where technology currently is and where it could go in the future. There are many areas where technology and business are merging and they might be useful in your workplace. 

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