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Using Digital Signage to Inform and Engage Audiences

Using Digital Signage to Inform and Engage Audiences

Whether you wish to enhance your meeting or the entrance of your office, large touch screen monitor rentals can help communicate your message to visitors, employees and attendees in a very effective way.

These devices, equipped with the right software and Internet connection, can provide a plethora of company information just by a simple touch of the screen.

Today’s blog post will focus on the many uses of digital signage and why your organization should invest in such rentals.

Uses for Digital Signage

Here are 7 great ways to get your message out via digital:

  • Conventions: Highlight the activities of the day, speaker bios and real-time alerts about changes to the schedule
  • Trade Shows: Provide an interactive map and showcase each exhibitor and how to find them
  • Promotion: Indicate different offers and specials within the company or if you are in a multi-company office, news within each organization.
  • Event Registration: Allow attendees to sign-in with ease, 24 hours a day or during busy registration times
  • Building Lobbies: A directory of businesses and can welcome individual visitors
  • Hotels: Signify specials the venue is running, conference information and social feed
  • Colleges: Reminders about upcoming events and reinforce social hashtags

Reasons for Having Digital Signage

Signage is often the first thing prospective clients, attendees and employees see when they enter the building, conference or booth. They provide:

  • A standalone way to market your brand
  • Inform your visitors of new and interesting company information
  • Real-time information about the event or organization and the ability to tailor the content to visitors in front of it
  • A digital concierge, giving information to visitors they might normally have to ask a staff person for
  • The ability to solicit and showcase reviews of your business
  • An opportunity to stream video if the monitor is connected to high-speed Internet; thus, making your monitor a source of entertainment for visitors passing by
  • A hallmark for internal communications – displaying employee achievements, birthdays and news about the company

How Hartford Technology Rental Can Help

We have a large array of touch screen monitor rentals ready for digital signage and will work with you to load the right software and make sure it is ready to go from the moment it is installed at your site. Hartford Technology Rental has experienced technicians and representatives that will support your organization from the planning to the equipment removal phases. Contact us today at 888.520.5667 to learn more about how we can serve you!