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Using Campaign Technology to Maximize Efficiency

Using Campaign Technology to Maximize Efficiency

Believe it or not, Election Day is just 11 short weeks away. Whether you are working on a national, state or local campaign, technology can help you reach more voters with more information in a shorter time span.

Here are six critical ways campaign technology can help, in particular with door-to-door canvassing, during this hectic, homestretch period.

6 Ways to Maximize Campaigning Efficiency

When volunteers are armed with iPad rentals, they can easily complete the following tasks:

Help Register Voters

If persons in a household have not registered to vote or have recently moved, the volunteer can help each person fill out the registration form and offer to mail to the county’s Board of Elections.

At the end of a shift, volunteers returning to the campaign war room can use printer rentals to compile all forms into one large mailing.

Schedule Pickups on Election Day

Volunteers can let the household members know where they need to vote and determine whether or not they need a ride to the polls the day of the election. If they need a ride, transportation can be scheduled on the spot and a texting app can alert them one month, two weeks and one day before the scheduled time so they can change it if needed.

Persuade Voters

Through a brief video and/or PowerPoint presentation, the volunteer can educate the voter and answer any questions they may have. If the volunteer does not know the answer, they can conduct a live video chat with someone in the know. All of this can be completed without leaving wordy and expensive marketing collateral and tchotchkes behind that would most likely hit the trash can or recycling bin.

Sign Up for Newsletter and Ask for Social Follows

The volunteer can capture the individual’s email address and sign them up for the campaign’s newsletter. In addition, they can ask members of the household to pull out their smartphones and follow the campaign on the social channels they are active in.

Raise Money

While most candidate websites have donation pages, if a person doesn’t wish to use their credit card online, they can hand the volunteer a check or cash and a receipt for the amount can be emailed to them or a paper receipt can be given to the donor.

Recruit Volunteers

Every campaign can always use more volunteers; whether they oversee the war room, schedule events, or go door-to-door. Understanding what the person would like to volunteer for and scheduling them for an orientation should be the goal with every visit!

Hartford Technology Rental is Campaign Central

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