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Use Virtual Reality to Transform Meetings

Use Virtual Reality to Transform Meetings

Want to keep up with the transformative technological advances of our time?

Ready to use virtual reality for more than gaming? Are you looking to discuss with colleagues in distant places in a more immersive and convenient method?

Use your VR headset for joining or hosting meetings!

Virtual reality has great potential for immersive learning and application in many industries. By 2023, we’re expecting the global VR market to reach $49.7 billion.

Let us show you how to use virtual reality to conduct or join virtual meetings. Below, we’ve listed what you need to prepare. Read on to learn how you transform boring meetings to interesting new experiences.

What You Need

Hosting a virtual reality meeting will need some setting up. Once everything is set up, the process of hosting and joining VR meetings should be easier.

To join a VR meeting, the participants need the following:

  • VR gear (headset and microphone)
  • VR meeting software or app
  • Personal 3D model
  • Stable internet connection

Connect with the latest tech equipment or your phone via a VR app. Depending on how many people will join the meeting, the app may vary. Also, note that you need a stable internet connection for a smoother VR experience.

Some apps will allow you to create your own 3D model. Other apps or software have preset models you can choose from instead. When you host, you can also choose from preset virtual spaces or create your own.

How to Use Virtual Reality in Meetings

Before you conduct a virtual meeting with business associates, you need to share your 3D model. Sharing large files may take more than a few minutes, especially on slow connections. Once everyone has access to the file, they’ll be able to launch into VR right away.

When you are presenting a virtual space, make sure to sequence the viewpoints before you host the meeting. Practice your presentation as you also go around the virtual space.

Log in to your account on your VR app with these preparations in mind.

Software and apps for virtual reality meetings have a ‘create event’ button. Clicking it will lead you to a setup page. Write a title, set a time and date, and choose a space.

Share the link of the meeting page to the other participants ahead of the meeting time. Make sure to let them know the time and date you’ve set. To join, all they need to do is click the link.

Perks of Meeting in Virtual Reality

Virtual reality meetings are great for people with home-based work. This also works for people who work out-of-town but need to join company meetings. Now, you can hang out or brainstorm in a more immersive way.

With built-in tools, you can share information through the virtual world. If you want to share a workstation with a colleague so you can exchange ideas, get a virtual workspace. You can manipulate data and workstations so you could work while in the virtual space.

You have better chances of convincing your boss or business partners to approve your business endeavors. Virtual reality is the learning aid of the 21st century, according to a Forbes report. Research shows that with VR, there is an 8.8% improvement on recall accuracy.

Host a VR Meeting Now

That’s how to use virtual reality to make meetings more immersive and interesting.

Although it’s been around for some years, virtual reality is still new to many people. Share this information with your friends and try out a more exciting way to hang out.

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