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Types & Uses of Digital Video Cameras

Types & Uses of Digital Video Cameras

According to research, using visual content such as videos is 40x more likely to be shared than text or pictures. If you are thinking of starting a vlog or even just make awesome videos, now is your time. However, first, you need to know the best types of digital video cameras because one will want to watch a poor quality video.

No matter what types of videography you are doing, without a good quality video camera, you could be missing out on many followers, better sponsors, or more. 

If you are using a poor quality camera, you will not be able to film in certain lighting because it does not have the ability to adjust lighting, you will also have terrible sound quality.

So with the importance of a good camera, how do you find the right one to suit your needs?  

Keep on reading to learn about the best types of digital video cameras for your video production success!

Types of Video Cameras

Mirrorless Video Camera

For those who love DSLR cameras but cannot stand the bulky size of them, mirrorless cameras are your new best friend! Just as the name suggests, mirrorless cameras do not need the mirror inside to reflect the image so they are smaller and much lighter.

There are many high-quality mirrorless cameras for filming, and many with 4K capabilities, making them a top choice for many videographers and filmmakers. You still have the ability to interchange lenses and add external microphones, plus they are very easy to use, perfect for both beginners and the pros. 

DSLR Video Camera

DSLR cameras are an excellent choice for people of all levels. Depending on the camera you choose, they create the most incredibly vivid photography to very high-quality 4K videos.  

You cannot travel anywhere without seeing a professional photographer with their DSLR camera and a giant bag of camera accessories with them. DSLR cameras are a bit on the heavier side and can be quite bulky and expensive with the multiple lenses. So if you are a travel vlogger, keep that in mind before you feel like you will be a minimalist traveler. 

Professional Video Camera

If you are even considering a professional video camera, you must be a professional videographer or filmmaker. These cameras are not cheap, but they make the most top of the line videos.

These cameras are usually seen during live broadcasts at sporting events, music concerts, or on news stations out on the streets. Professional video cameras have the most incredible quality of sound, imagery, and overall production. 

Keep in mind that when you are editing your videos, you will need a bigger monitor to be able to see everything; otherwise, it will be a frustrating experience on a small laptop! 

Action Cameras

Action cameras are a lot of fun, you can use them on many occasions such as underwater diving, extreme sports, and even for jumping out of planes. That being said, they should be used for exactly just that. 

Action cameras are the perfect accessory for showing people your point of view during certain situations and are great for shooting in those moments where you need durability and do not want to bring out your DSLR, mirrorless, or pro-grade cameras.

Learn More About Digital Video Cameras

Now you know the four most common types of digital video cameras, go out and experiment with each one of those to see which one is the best fit for you and your style.

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