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Trending Today: Cloud Video Technology

Trending Today: Cloud Video Technology

Did you know that 80% or more of the video content produced in the world is unstructured and difficult to analyze?

With video quickly becoming the medium of choice, it isn’t surprising that in an announcement a few weeks ago, IBM unveiled a Watson-based Cloud Video technology to help businesses quickly understand and ascertain audience insights.

“Companies are creating video with vast amounts of valuable data but they don’t have a way to easily identify that information,” stated Braxton Jarratt, General Manager of IBM Cloud Video.

So, let’s take a deeper dive into what cloud video technology is, how your business will be able to use Cloud Video in the future and why now is the time for your business take advantage of creating videos and using cloud technology.

What is Cloud Video Technology?

This concept is best explained in this YouTube video. In summary, it is the ability to analyze and mine video data to better understand what clients want.

How Does Watson Perform this Complex Task?

Watson analyzes and mines video data through the use of its AlchemyLanguage and Speech to Text Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). These natural language processing technology and machine learning algorithms extract data from video frames – such as information on people, places, companies, topics, facts, relationships, authors, and languages.

What are the Benefits?

  • You will be able to track real-time reaction to your event or meeting as local and remote users view live video streaming and post reactions on social media. Cloud Video technology will be able to analyze the language in the video while simultaneously analyzing social feeds to provide a real-time analysis of what the audience is thinking and feeling at that moment.

    Companies will know what the audience thinks of a speaker even before he or she leaves the stage.

  • Since every segment of the video is sliced into categories, it will be easier for a user to only find the part of a video that is of interest to them. For example, rather than viewing an hour video, Cloud Video will only bring up the 5-minute clip you are interested in.
  • Because Watson is an AI platform, it will learn from your previous selections and bring you video content it thinks you are interested in viewing.

When Will This Be Available?

It will start to roll out in 2017, but will initially be marketed to video intense enterprise organizations.

What Should You Do in the Meantime?

If you are not using video for marketing and/or the cloud for business purposes, now is the time to start planning for it. Here are few stats to get you thinking:

  • Cisco predicts that by next year, video will make up a whopping 69% of all Internet traffic.
  • eMarketer reports users spent an average 5.5 hours each day watching video content.
  • Gartner suggests the worldwide cloud market will grow 16.5% in 2016 compared to 2015 and will continue to grow at this pace or better for 2017.
  • Forrester Research states we are in the second wave of cloud computing which is totally application-focused.

Move a part of your marketing budget to video and consider a cloud rental option for 2017. “Try before you buy” is an excellent way to determine exactly what your business needs.

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