10 Great Apps For Travelers

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10 Great Apps For Travelers

Traveling, especially for business, can be such a hassle and incredibly draining during an already busy work week. It doesn’t have to be that way though! Here’s a list of apps compatible with iPad/iPhone that can save you some trouble and make your trips more enjoyable!

  1. Hotel Tonight: Book last-minute hotel rooms at incredible rates! Currently available in 12 countries and 80+ destinations, this app has various notable positive fan reviews from the L.A. Times to TechCrunch. For those last minute/spur of the moment trips where there was no time to book a hotel in advance, have no fear! Enjoy your travels and let the app handle that hassle for you, just type in your destination city and choose from the options that become available at noon every day. Forewarning, you may never want to book ahead again!
  2. Uber: Use the app to request a private car in any city that service is available. The app lets the driver know precisely where to pick you up and how long until they arrive. You can even see on the app’s map where your driver is en route. When you set up the app, you put in your credit card information so the fare is automatically charged to your card (tip included) at the end of each ride. You’ll then receive a detailed receipt within the app as well as via email. Depending on the city, Uber can be used for taxis as well.
  3. Foursquare: Use it to discover and learn about great places nearby, search for what you’re craving, and get deals and tips along the way. The app recommends places for you based on your check-ins and allows you to search for what you’re looking for, whether its tacos, free wi-fi, bars, etc. It also shows you directions, hours, menus and helps you make the most out of your trip. Not only that, but your check-ins are saved to your profile so you remember when you come back!
  4. Google Maps: Get accurate and easy-to-use maps with built-in Google local search, voice guided navigation, public transit directions, and more. The app helps you find your way by providing train, bus, subway, or walking directions and access to live traffic information. It’s available in cities across the world!
  5. OpenTable: Make instant, free, and confirmed restaurant reservations at more than 20,000 restaurants in the U.S. and Canada! Members can also earn dining points to pay for meals at any OpenTable restaurant. Just choose a date, time, and party size to see all available tables in real time. Then, tap the table you want and there’s your reservation. There is also a UK OpenTable app available via the UK app store!
  6. Gate Guru: Manage your entire day of travel from your fingertips with access to airport info, flight status, security wait times, and more. Get push notifications on your flight status along with a wealth of airport content specific to your itinerary. Just add your itinerary (there’s multiple ways to do so within the app) and it automatically connects the dots of your travels for you. It was also named a Top 5 Air Travel App by CNN!
  7. Waze: Traffic and navigation app to help you outsmart traffic, save time & gas money, and improve your daily commute. It helps you find the best route to your destination and perfect for road trips! You can also actively report accidents, police, etc. and receive those alerts from other users. Connect to Facebook and/or coordinate with friends on the road as well!
  8. AwardWallet: Track and monitor your loyalty and reward programs, such as frequent flyer miles, hotel and credit card points. The app gives you faster access to all of these things in one place, even when you have no internet connection. It also allows you to have all of your ID numbers at your fingertips, making them easier to access when you need them!
  9. Concur: Particularly for business travelers, keep track of your expenses by managing your expense reports on the go. Simply download and create your mobile PIN to enjoy the Concur solution that you already use, wherever you want. No more struggling to remember how much you paid for a cab or shuffling through receipts, now you can have it all gathered and ready to go in one place.
  10. iCarPark: Functional and user-friendly parking app that helps you remember where you park your car. Just enable your location settings on your device and you’re ready to use it. Save your parking spot with one tap and the app will navigate you back to it when it’s time to go. If you park on a meter, it will also keep track of the time for you.