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Training Then and Now: Benefits of Blended Approach

Training Then and Now: Benefits of Blended Approach

The purpose of training has always been, and remains today, to help your employees and members to learn new skills and enhance their career path. However, training has received a major disruption as to the way it has been delivered over the last 10 years, moving from the classroom to the computer and now to on-demand, cloud services.

There are pros and cons to each process as HR Directors, managers and employees can attest. In 2018, there is a call to blend the systems of the old with the process of the present to make the most of the strengths that each system provides.

Let’s take a step back in time, fast forward in the present and figure out, together, the best way for your organization to proceed when developing training programs.

Training of the Past

For many years, training was an extension of secondary schooling or college. It was rigid with the instructors calling all the shots. Everyone sat in classroom style seating and carried around hefty binders full of presentation materials and their own notes. PowerPoint was the method to disperse the information, however slides were still printed, and most participants followed along via their copy.

In addition, training often occurred over several days or even in some cases, weeks. I can remember my IBM training of the early 1980s, we would go to the Dallas training center for 4 weeks at a time and our training was one-year in length.

Lastly, in order to ensure everyone was learning the material, a test or several tests were administered of which participants needed to study for several hours or days to pass. If you failed the test, you could retake it once. Fail it again and you were escorted out the door – what pressure!

Training of the Present

With the ability to curate thousands of training programs on the cloud, managers and employees alike are given a lot of latitude regarding the training each person receives. Managers are more like curators, recommending to employees the training they should or must view. However, unless it is mandatory training, most employees self-direct when choosing a module and often training is completed in bite-sized chunks over several days or weeks.

This employee or member is expected to complete this training during slow work times or even after work and on weekends. Because it is a solitary exercise, testing is completed in shorter intervals and a quiz must be passed at the end of each training segment. If the user completes all the modules, an online badge or certificate is given to the user.

Training 2018 Style

While there are many pros to the current training model (i.e. on demand, a plethora of choices, company saves money), the downside is it doesn’t create an environment of collaboration between employees or have a mechanism for users to ask questions.

While the training of the past is not expected to come full-circle, there is a cry from trainers and trainees alike to have human interaction. In addition, users can learn from each other and even participate in gamification, to cement innovative concepts into their thinking.

Set up will require a more relaxed approach than a classroom setup. Perhaps setting it up like a hackathon with little pods or harnessing your workforce’s learning power within a small conference room. Any setup that screams collaboration versus lecture works for today’s learner.

Last, the key to success lies in providing everyone a clear vision of what will be covered in the training and how the user will know whether they succeeded or not. This can be assisted through technology when you rent a laptop or use tablet rentals with collaborative apps that can then be displayed on a large monitor.  And of course, no more binders or printed copies!

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