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Top Workforce Trends for Today and Beyond

Top Workforce Trends for Today and Beyond

As workers become more familiar with and accepting of technology, things are bound to change. With more collaborative tools coming to the forefront, employees can see the same information whether they are in front of a Microsoft Surface Hub rental or relaxing on a beach in Hawaii using a tablet.

Here are key findings from Wrike, a project management software company, highlighting their predictions regarding the future of work.

Top Trends in the Workplace

  1. Offices will have a home like feel to them.
    The workplace will start to mimic a home environment by having:

    1. Fireplaces
    2. Oversized chairs
    3. The ability to freely move around in multiple spaces

    This type of setting is meant to allow for maximum collaborative effort and comfort given the fact that most employees put in a lot of hours at work.

  2. Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration.
    Whether it is via an app that runs on iPad rentals or accessing information from the cloud, employees love the ability to comment, edit and/or view contracts, files and CRM systems on any device at any time.

    If your workforce is all over the world and/or constantly traveling, collaborative tools are the best way to keep them in the loop and gain valuable, timely feedback on corporate initiatives.

  3. Holacracy is happening.
    Holacracy is about self-organizing; so instead of waiting around for a boss to tell you what to do, you take the reigns as an employee — or as a team — and jump right into projects and collaboration. Zappos has fully integrated this and others will surely follow.
  4. Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is vital.
    This is a measure of a person’'’s capacity to function effectively in a multi-cultural environment. Employers and organizations apply CQ as a way to foster tolerance and enhance cross-cultural interactions. If your organization is planning on being diverse, or is already there, you may wish to have them complete CQ training.

  5. Employees will move on.
    As much as it hurts the organization and leadership, you need to embrace the fact that today’s workforce will stay with you two to three years and move on to a different employer.

    The best solution for this situation is to cross-train your people in multiple functional areas, so when employees do leave, there is someone there to fill the gap.

  6. Employees want more say on their PERKS.
    Rather than offering a standard benefits package, consider letting workers set their own goals. Some trending benefits include:

    1. Coaching sessions
    2. Paid parental leave or
    3. College loan repayment assistance

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