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Top Technology Trends within the Entertainment Industry

Top Technology Trends within the Entertainment Industry

With a variety of ways for an entertainment viewer to digest your content, it is important to deliver a TV show or movie to them in a seamless way. Here are five trends that are rocking the entertainment industry and how you can be fully prepared to provide the right experience to the end user.

Top Technology Trends in Entertainment Industry

Apps must be fully responsive.

No matter what you produce, you need to be sourced on apps that can easily move your show from a small smartphone screen to a large monitor rental. Individuals expect to move from their iPhone to a Smart TV and anything in between, without having to resize the video or restart the program.

In addition, users are much more likely to write and/or read a review about what they are watching, while they are watching it on a mobile device.

Timeframes will get shorter.

Just a few short years ago, reruns were in fashion over summer months and around the holiday season. It wasn’t unusual for movies to take several months to shoot and sit on the shelf up to two years before release.

The viewer nowadays expects no reruns and shorter timeframes for movie releases. This may require the use of more staff and technology rentals as there will be more pressure by producers to deliver their content sooner.

Big Data will make a difference.

Rather than relying on traditional marketing research such as Nielsen ratings, it is now time to track audiences as they bounce from screen to screen. Data-driven analytics like those from Teradata and IBM enabled niche targeting of programs and the ability to deliver a personal experience to the viewer. And it’s not just marketing and distribution that have changed; data and analytics are shaping how content is created.

The lines will continue to blur between distributor and creator.

It used to be that Netflix was just a distributor of movies; now they produce on-demand original series. Or HBO was just a channel on your cable provider. This is no longer true as the Internet becomes faster and channels are no longer hampered by old cable lines.

China is a player in the movie industry.

While the U.S. has approximately 40,000 movie theaters, China has 23,600 and growing. And while it doesn’t seem that international films will play a large role in the U.S. market, look for China to play a larger role in the film industry as time goes on. For example, the Transformer series was filmed entirely in China.

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