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Top Entertainment Trends for 2019 Summer Concerts

Top Entertainment Trends for 2019 Summer Concerts

Everybody loves hearing their favorite bands live or attending a summer festival. But what makes an event stand out? How is modern technology influencing and revolutionizing the way we attend festivals? 

If you’re interested in entertainment tech, find out what the latest technology trends are for summer concerts and festivals.

Top Entertainment Tech Trends for Concerts and Festivals 

There’s something about the atmosphere of a concert that gets your heart pumping harder and your hands waving faster. Below we have our top trends to keep an eye on, that could make your summer event feel like something from the future. 

Augmented Reality 

In 2017, the League of Legends World Championship Ceremony opened up with a dragon flying throughout the stadium. You heard us right. A full-fledged fire breather. 

Augmented reality made this possible, and videos of it bring shock and wonder to people to this day. It was hype for attendees because the dragon was modeled after an in-game objective known as the Elder Dragon. One thing to note from this landmark moment was that fans could not see the dragon unless they were looking at the screens. Little weird.

If you do incorporate augmented reality, make sure glasses (more for VR) or screen are in supply otherwise the moment could get lost. 

Virtual Reality

Arguably the bigger, better brother to AR, Virtual Reality has a few perks to offer concerts and festivals. The main benefit is the immersive value of VR. 

Augmented reality shapes or modifies the world in front of users, where VR is a completely new or drastically transformed world. One way this is gaining in popularity is that some VR services allow users to participate in the event from the comfort of their couches. 

Let’s say there’s a festival you can’t make it to, but you still want to hear and see what’s going on. Snapping on your virtual reality headset can transform you into that realm without having to catch a plane or pay a premium. 

Light Field

In the photography world, the perfect shot is what’s on everyone’s mind. But, the perfect shots have always taken a lot of prep time and patience. 

With the advancements we’re seeing in technology, like Light Fields photography, we’re witnessing the process transform. Light Fields capture photons in a directional state, where normal capture methods are seizing color and intensity of light. 

This modification allows photographers to modify elements like aperture and focus later. This is huge because it means event producers can capture, modify, and then showcase content at a rapid pace.

This is also transformative because the cost of productions and those breathtaking visuals could become less expensive, meaning we’ll get a whole lot more of them.

More Future Tech

We hope this light on future entertainment tech has excited you for your summer concerts and festivals! If you see something cool or want more ideas on how AR, VR, and other future technologies could be shaping your world, feel free to reach out and contact us.

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