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Top 10 Event Planning Apps

Top 10 Event Planning Apps

Do you ever feel like you don’t even know where to start when planning an event for your business? Or that you don’t have enough time to sit down and get everything done that need to be done for the event to be a success? Well, have no fear, these iPad/iPhone apps can help you plan your event, even on the go!

  1. Event Planning for Your Business : Starts with the basics and shows you the ins and outs of business event planning through 5 in-depth chapters. It includes 28 HD videos, 10 hand-written legal documents, 15 insider articles, and a download feature enabling document and email printing.
  2. iPlan : Lets you easily review Hotels that use MeetingMatrix iPlan Interactive Floor Plans for your next meeting or event. You can evaluate and preview guest rooms and event spaces as well as detailed capacity charts for room setups.
  3. Evernote : Helps you remember everything across all of the devices you use. Evernote lets you take notes, capture photos, make lists, and records voice reminders. It was also a New York Times ‘Top 10 Must-Have App’ winner!
  4. myBanquet : Makes it easy to design your banquet layout, organize your guest list, and arrange seating assignments. Ideal for weddings, corporate banquets, fundraising banquets, anniversaries, gala dinners, reunions, etc. You can also import your contacts from a text file or from Facebook and synchronize RSVPs.
  5. Super Planner : A business app for the professional event planner that provides a variety of planning tools, including calculators for venue capacity, staffing, catering, staging, and projection. It also includes helpful tips in several areas.
  6. Asana : A productive and helpful system for group collaboration and communication. Asana centers your team’s communication on tasks, keeping everyone focused, in sync, and ready to take on any kind of work.
  7. SelectTheDate : For organizing smaller meetings or events, this app helps you pick a date amongst a group of people! Perfect for meetings, it allows all invitees to vote on a date that works best for them.
  8. Check In Easy : Eliminates the need for paper, clipboards, binders, etc. and allows for simple and fast guest registration and check-in. Upload an excel file guest list and you’re ready to go! Check In Easy allows guests to check in through the app and emails/texts you when important guests arrive. Also, the boarding pass feature lets you send your guests printable tickets with unique bar codes.
  9. Agenda Maker : Creates an agenda for a meeting, workshop, conference, etc. then allows you to save files to Dropbox and/or add the event to your iCal. Also saves agendas for re-use and allows for simple sharing via email.
  10. Keynote : keeps your presentation organized and ready to be delivered without all of the equipment hassle as well as allowing you to edit and add whatever you’d like, wherever you like. Also works with iCloud, so your presentations stay up to date on all of your devices automatically.


These are just some of our favorites that we can install for you on our ipad rentals, as well as any other app that you desire. Call 888 520 5667 or request a quote online and let us help you make your meeting or event a success!