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Tips to Get Ready for Business Events in 2020

Tips to Get Ready for Business Events in 2020

Most marketers now consider a business event to be the most cost-effective form of marketing. Events give you the opportunity to talk to customers face-to-face and interact with them in a way that social media, direct mail, and other methods don’t. But how can you make the most of event marketing in 2020? Learn more about some of the top event planning tips to implement at your event.

Business Event Planning Tips

1. Know the Event/Trade Show

Before you commit too much time and energy to the event, make sure that you do some research first. Ask the organizers what their expectations are in terms of numbers and demographics. Will you be meeting your ideal client at this event? If this is a new event, there is more risk involved; but, the organizers should be able to prove who they are targeting to attend and how.

2. Set Clear Objectives

A key part of corporate event planning is knowing what you want to achieve by exhibiting at an event. Are you hoping to connect with new customers, or reconnect with old ones? Is it a product launch, or are you raising awareness of existing services? Whatever the goal is, it should underpin everything that you do to prepare for the event.

3. Be a Destination

Some of the best event planning ideas are those that get the customer actively involved with you at your exhibit. This might be by offering a product demonstration or giving a virtual tour of your premises using VR headset. Having something going on at your booth that raises the energy of visitors gives you a greater chance of leaving a positive impression, and of being talked about on social media.

4. Hashtags

Marketers love social media because it increases the reach of a campaign without much in the way of cost. Events are no exception. Event tips that help encourage visitors to share their time at your exhibit booth on social media include branded selfie-frames or using your own hashtag and displaying tweets using that on a video wall to give attendees their 15 minutes of fame. 

5. Deliver Value

Is there a way that you can offer something of value to potential clients while they’re at your booth? For example, web designers could run a performance check on the visitor’s website, or can you provide them with a snack or drink to help fight fatigue? All of this helps to build a relationship in which the client looks at you as being ‘on their side’ which they will remember when they next see your company name.

6. Capture and Follow Up

There really is no point in going to an event if you’re not going to find a way to capture your visitors’ information while they are there. Grab email addresses, business cards, contact numbers – anything you can, and make sure that you have the resources to follow-up with them, all in the days and weeks following the event.

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